Jorge Masvidal UFC

Jorge Masvidal UFC



Pro MMA Fighter with UFC. I'm Cuban American & train with the greatest camp in the world American Top Team!

Miami - 305 DADE
Joined on January 26, 2011

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Just found out that Jorge Masvidal (@GamebredFighter) will be IN studio for an Ash Wed next week and am beyond excited. He’s a fight superstar, cuban-American and has been campaigning for Trump. Any specific questions you have for him?

My profession makes me study my opponents before I make the walk #artofwar


Looks like a father keeping his kids close. Would advise all parents to do the same #supernecessary

.@GamebredFighter: You don't get rid of a coach that wins Super Bowls and replace him with a guy who's been in the business for 47 years and "never won a f-ing game."

Quoted @kayleighmcenany

BIDEN IS OWNED BY CHINA! The Biden Center at the University of Pennsylvania “has allegedly failed to disclose $70 million in gifts from China since 2017,” including $22 million from an anonymous donor‼️

Damn @BillyCorben are we still talking about tax returns? Let me guess, you’re not voting for Biden you’re voting for kamala?

Quoted @BuckSexton

Only two kinds of people can really think that the Biden emails are fake at this point: liars or idiots There’s no 3rd option

I think he’s talking directly to @BillyCorben

@GamebredFighter @BillyCorben Our “nanny” for 6 years was asylum from Venezuela and we love her. Johanna has a brilliant, beautiful and successful family here 10 yrs now 🙏🏻🇺🇸

You see all those Cuban and Venezuelan flags @BillyCorben ? Those are actual people who lived and fled socialist and communist regimes. They didn’t hear about it in a movie or a book, they lived it.

This is in California 😮

Quoted @JohnLeguizamo

Dear Hollywood, #EndLatinXclusion #Represent ✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 !!

Dear Hollywood, 
#EndLatinXclusion #Represent 
✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 !!

You’re the effing cockaroach out of touch with the people. Stop using us you fake f**k @JohnLeguizamo

🚨 HUGE 🚨 Cubans 🇨🇺 & Venezuelan 🇻🇪 exiles organize another MASSIVE caravan in #Miami today in support of president @realDonaldTrump! 🇺🇸 we lost our homeland, we don't want to lose America to socialism! #MAGA #KAG @EquipoTrump @mercedesschlapp @DonaldJTrumpJr @RichardGrenell

.@JohnLeguizamo talking to you the real life Benny blanco bitch

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