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Quoted @USMarshalsHQ

45 missing children were recovered by the U.S. Marshals as part of Operation “Autumn Hope.”


TWITTER IS STILL BANNING @thenewyorkpost FACEBOOK IS STILL DECIDING IF THE BIDEN BIG GUY STORY IS LEGIT... and yet EVERY news media ran EVERY LYING Russia hoax & impeachment story against Trump without vetting ANYTHING!! It’s all bullshit it’s communist CENSORSHIP! #trump2020

We all knew Biden said it.... just funny he challenged @realDonaldTrump to prove Biden is lying. Took Trump less than an hour to send this tweet! #savage

Quoted @mirandadevine

BOMBSHELL! Hunter Biden ex-business partner speaks. Tony Bobulinski says “Big Guy” Joe Biden helped solicit $millions from communist China: “I’ve seen VP Biden saying he never talked to Hunter about his business. I’ve seen firsthand that that’s not true”.


10 days ago

👀Yeah, i don’t want to be 20cent. 62% is a very, very,bad idea. 😟i don’t like it ! #abcforlife nov 18 #starzgettheapp

10/17/2020 is 17 days before the election..... why do I feel like it could be a great day??

Is it just me or accusing/assuming Judge Barrett will decide cases like her mentor (a man) is similar to HRC accusing women voting as their husbands do?!? When will these people treat us as individuals with our own thoughts and feelings capable of making our own decisions!!

Quoted @LPDonovan

This is a media training nightmare

Crazy Nancy behaving demonstrating her true colors!

Quoted @kayleighmcenany

Senator @ChuckGrassley, tomorrow on @foxandfriends, my non-working clock will make an appearance, but a new time will be displayed! See you at 8 AM ET, though my clock will not reflect that! 🕰

Any of my fellow followers of our favorite patriot insider notice the clock in her tweet (hands) are in same place as #4730 and she mentions Grassley??

Quoted @USARebelSway

BREAKING: "My daughters insulin has already dropped from $700 a month to $48 a month due to Trump. Thank you Donald Trump. Excellent Job."


Quoted @Shay_Hawkins_OH

I am a candidate who has won their primary and I am still not verified on Twitter? Is twitter afraid of verifying black conservatives? RT & follow me to help spread the word since Twitter won’t!

Verify now!

Quoted @kayleighmcenany

💥 “BREAKING: Hunter Biden Received Millions From Wife Of Ex-Moscow Mayor” “Paid Suspects Allegedly Tied To Trafficking,” “Had Contacts With Individuals Linked To Chinese Military, Senate Report Alleges”

Things that make you go hmmm

Quoted @BlessUSA45

'SOME PEOPLE ARE SLOW LEARNERS' In typical Grady Judd fashion, the sheriff brought cue cards to the governor's press conference to help illustrate the difference between peaceful protests and riots.

FL Polk County Sheriff Judd at it again!!! If you do not know this man.... look for his famous press conference where he told looters he supports his county residence to own guns and use them to blow them out of their homes if need be!!

Arson arrest map

Pretty much destroys the narrative of "drought and lightening"

And these are just the ones that got caught

Tip of the iceberg

Arson arrest map Pretty much destroys the narrative of "drought and lightening" And these are just the ones that got caught Tip of the iceberg

Putting this out there so the truth of how he handled the news is out as I’m sure the left is already lying about it.

Kanye wanted me to let everyone know that his Twitter account has been locked out by the Twitter Gods. #FreeKanye

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