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Professor, Evolutionary Behavioral Scientist, Author. Opinions are mine alone. Retweets do not necessarily imply an endorsement.

Montreal, Canada
Joined on February 23, 2010

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Gad Saad
4 hours ago

Quoted @ZubyMusic

@GadSaad They shouldn't allow porn on Twitter.


Gad Saad
5 hours ago

Activate your inner child. Life is a playground.

Gad Saad
5 hours ago

Today’s reality.

Gad Saad
10 hours ago

Wishing everyone a great week. Hug your children and spouse, tell them that you love them, stay safe, be productive, and enjoy every moment. Cheers everyone.

Gad Saad
20 hours ago

Quoted @shankyxyz

@GadSaad @sapinker come on, he is a typical liberal idiot too. only his line for cancel are different from current liberals. but lines they exist nevertheless. happy to know he is getting cancelled now.

Wrong thinking buddy. You should seek to defend those with whom you might disagree because there is a more general principle at play.

Gad Saad
20 hours ago

My man @Evolutionistrue comes to the defence of @sapinker. I heard back from Steve. We look forward to holding a chat on my show later this fall.

Gad Saad
20 hours ago

I reached out to @sapinker yesterday & offered him to come on my show to discuss the outlandish attempts to cancel him. All clear-thinking academics should break free of their torpor, apathy, & cowardice, and loudly defend beleaguered colleagues who are being unfairly maligned.

Quoted @TimyTomyX

@GadSaad Don`t forget your german fans.


Quoted @ZCInv

@GadSaad nice looking potato salad. what's the white, i'm guessing sauv blanc or chard. enjoy the good life sir, enjoy it. the best revenge is living well!

It’s ceviche Chachi.

After 95 minutes of stationary bike, this is my reward. And the photo of me is your reward. You’re welcome.

After 95 minutes of stationary bike, this is my reward. And the photo of me is your reward. You’re welcome.

My daughter tempting me with the ceviche.

The Parasitic Mind: How Infectious Ideas Are Killing Common Sense will be released on October 6, 2020. Pre-order your copy now.

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Since we are still in the 4th of July weekend, let me post this again: I hope that Noam Chomsky won't be too upset.

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