Here to Vigorously Defend Our Nation-As if The Battle of Trenton Wasn’t Enough- COMMIES SUCK @realdonaldtrump @POTUS #MAGA #KAG #InGodWeTrust 🇺🇸

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Jack Dorsey: “Our role is to protect the integrity of that conversation.” WRONG. Either you’re a neutral platform with no editorial role, or you shouldn’t be protected by Section 230. Can’t have it both ways.

And we celebrate him for protecting us

The outpour of people in California that supported President Trump is something that I have never seen in my life time. I am convinced that President Trump won California, my eyes don't lie!

Nothing smells more like freedom and transparency than a virtual inauguration that has deployed 25,000 national guardsmen, blockades, tanks, walls and razer wire fencing around "The People's House"

FBI Investigation Uncovers 256 Emails Between Schiff and Epstein:

@SaraCarterDC to stop calling ourselves "conservatives." The Patriot Party is next, Sara. We cannot continue to lie to ourselves about the one-party system, acting as if we ever had a choice. Time for you to also begin to report str8 truths about EVERYTHING. That is the future

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very noice😢👇

My dad and I used to sit around naming (trashing lol) the long list of illegitimate rhino Republicans. Now it is all publicly coming to light. The very ones we named are all being exposed Man I wish he were still here with me to share in this epic moment in history.

Thousands of additional US National Guard just arrived at the US Capitol with racks of M4 rifles, gear. Never seen anything like this in our nation’s Capitol. Our video here.

@HiiiPow3r2 @GWForUS Lot of people need to put on there big person pants and grow a pair. This is going to be a wild ride. So tired of the “When it going to happen comments” grow the Fuck up you think they are going to tell you bunch of information twisting Twitter clones their real plan.

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Are You All In? The World Is About To Change! Hold The Line!! @americandream09

Are You All In?
The World Is About To Change!
Hold The Line!!

I. Am. All. In.

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20,000 Troops in D.C. 20,000

They must be expecting a Chinese insurrection...

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💥💥💥 "I will always." God Speed our President Donald J. Trump! @DanScavino @kayleighmcenany

💥💥💥 "I will always." God Speed our President Donald J. Trump! 
@DanScavino @kayleighmcenany

ALWAYS...that would be a key word.

4 days ago

BAM! President Trump just told the swamp: GAME ON! Fasten your seatbelt, America! 👇🇺🇸🦅

20,000 Troops in D.C. 20,000

Start at 29:27. [They] were partying a victory, unaware they were surrounded by Persian soldiers. Will this be the night of the 20th? 😉 @StormWarningMom @ClaritySage111 @shadow_lark @MunkeyJunk1 @CrystalCoastRed @GWForUS @11e1ev1n @_be_el_tee_

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Trump is currently in the Oval Office awarding the National Medal of Arts to singers Toby Keith and Ricky Skaggs, minutes after becoming the first president ever impeached twice.

Pretty f*ckin cool huh? That he’s meeting with people who love our country instead of miserable people like yourself.

Don’t be freaking out over all the crimes, fraud, corruption & betrayal Be glad everything and everyone is being exposed It’s all falling into place. It had to happen this way to get to the deep rooted truth President Trump will remain in office He promised to never give up

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