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When you realize Google Cloud’s buildpacks are optimized for security, speed, and reusability—which allows you to build both apps and functions into container images: \🥳/ | | / \ Learn more about our buildpacks 😊 ↓

Meeting the need for speed with a cloud #DataWarehouse Real benchmark done using real customer use cases. #bigquery makes it so easy to do AI/ML, Scale and provide flexibility to cater varying workloads. #BigData #snowflake #DataAnalytics #AI #data

It won't matter how long I work here, I'll never get tired of seeing cloud infrastructure spun up so quickly. Just deployed a Wordpress instance from the @GCPcloud marketplace and the VM came up (and was routable) in ~45 seconds.

A giant list of Google Cloud technical resources -- - includes blogs, video channels, social handles, subreddits, podcasts, etc.

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Continuous deployment using @googlecloud platform is really very easy. Who wants to learn? :)

Asking for a friend ↓

🔥BigQuery is hot 🔥 Checkout the new stuff: Time unit partitioning, Table ACLs and more #GoogleCloud

Last week we announced graceful termination support for serverless containers on Cloud Run.

I wrote an article that goes deeper into why and how to implement this, read here:

Last week we announced graceful termination support for serverless containers on Cloud Run. I wrote an article that goes deeper into why and how to implement this, read here:

Awesome 🤩 @GoogleCloud now let you specify and monitor SLOs!

Awesome 🤩 @GoogleCloud now let you specify and monitor SLOs!

AI Platform Prediction is designed for: ✔️ Improved reliability ✔️ More flexibility via new hardware options ✔️ Reduced overhead latency ✔️ Improved tail latency Learn how the updates improve robustness, flexibility, and usability ↓

I've been working on Google Cloud Pub/Sub ordered delivery for awhile now and am happy to announce that it is GA! Here is a post I wrote describing some details of the feature: #cloud #Google #GoogleCloud #CloudComputing #GCP

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Stack Overflow just released a keyboard

Stack Overflow just released a keyboard

Good developers copy; great developers paste.

We’ve expanded our Google Cloud Confidential Computing portfolio: 1️⃣ Confidential GKE Nodes 2️⃣ Confidential VMs generally available Learn more about our vision for our Confidential Computing portfolio ↓

Just popping by to share my love for Cloud Shell which lets me interact with all my @gcpcloud resources directly from the browser 🖥️✨

Continuing my work for the @ametsoc AI conference in January -- how to use an autoencoder to create a concise representation of a HRRR forecast field #keras #tensorflow #googlecloud

Kubernetes is closer to Linux than Java. While Linux is an operating system that sits atop a single machine, Kubernetes spans across a cluster of them. Linux turns ELF binaries into running processes while Kubernetes does the same for container images.

New maintenance deny periods for Cloud SQL give you more control over when your instances undergo routine maintenance. With BFCM just around the corner, here’s how it will be especially useful for Cloud SQL retail customers ↓

NEW: ✔️ Architecture ✔️ Storage ✔️ Data Ingestion ✔️ Querying data ... and more! Uncover all of #BigQuery’s concepts, features, and improvements from our new blog series, BigQuery Explained ↓

Questions we’ll answer in my latest blog post: 1. What is an #ML model card? 2. How can I use @scikit_learn on @GCPcloud to build a model? 3. How can I create my own model card?

You can now fix incorrect GIS polygons during ingest -- no need for GDAL ... “New options for BigQuery GIS geospatial data ingestion” by Michael Entin

Security threats disrupt businesses of all sizes, leading to outages, and worse, loss of user trust. Learn how Google prepares for and protects against the largest volumetric DDoS attacks ↓

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