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I'm the Deputy Research Director for the Media Research Center.

DC area
Joined on June 30, 2009

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Despite it being literally in the Constitution, CNN and MSNBC have worked overtime to frame @senatemajldr Mitch McConnell allowing a vote on President @realDonaldTrump's SCOTUS nominee as a power grab.

Here's the @NewsBusters write up: FLASHBACK: Unlike Today’s Late Night Hacks, Johnny Carson ZINGED Biden on Plagiarism

Quoted @newsbusters

NewsBusters Podcast: Stephanopoulos vs. Trump Town Hall, with Curtis Houck

Had a nice chat with @CurtisHouck on the NB Podcast about how ABC presented Donald Trump with a hostile slate of so-called "uncommitted voters" who clearly thought he was failing them.

I shouldn’t have to denounce my Black History and Heritage in order to be considered Conservative...

As someone who grew up in the UAE and saw my textbooks redacted of any mention of Israel and my family prohibited from visiting Israel, reporters downplaying the agreement b/w Israel, the UAE, and Baharain out of fear of having to give Trump credit are hurting their credibility.

I have to give it to them...the NFL managed to get Christian conservatives to speak out against a Christian hymn because of a nickname. Too many of us are easily manipulated.

Very few things get the media more excited than a new Bob Woodward book bashing a GOP president.

if you're wondering why @youngchase907 showed up to the game wearing green, there's a simple explanation: he feels like 💸

Quoted @JPFinlayNBCS

B Mitch asked Chase Young why he wore green today - Young says bc game day is a money day. Tremendous answer. If you’re not watching @NBCSWashington you should be

Soo good...

It is perhaps fitting that my son's very first Eagles game is one of heartbreaking loss. Son, it's a way of life for Philly fans. Better to get it out of the way early.

Yes sir @RiverboatRonHC, yes sir. As culture shifts, performance follows. Your resilience is already showing up in the guys. We all plan to follow the example you’ve set.

@GCDickens @IndianaFootball @OhioStateFB I’ll do my best Kevin Warren impression by ignoring this for weeks and releasing a vague word salad press release. But don’t miss my softball interview with Nicole Auerbach! At least Coaches Day, Harbaugh and Franklin are still fighting for their student-athletes. #LetThemPlay

Hey @mtoguchi12 look at all these college games! A full slate on this lovely September Saturday. But I can't find @IndianaFootball ? When does @OhioStateFB play?!

Ready to finally get her first football season started. @Eagles #PhillyPhilly @mtoguchi12

Ready to finally get her first football season started. @Eagles #PhillyPhilly @mtoguchi12

Quoted @newsbusters

Kyle Drennen doesn't sugar-coat the serial bias of the media in this week's @NewsBusters Podcast!

Cereals AND PODCASTS? Is there anything this guy doesn't do?

That game ended exactly where it should have, Marcus Smart catching a Hail Mary and throwing up a prayer to trie to send it to triple OT. This series is an absolute classic.

The Dinosaurs ain’t ready for extinction...

This series deserves a game 7

This game right now. Just exchanging blows. #NBAPlayoffs #celticsvsraptors

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