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Vicente López, Argentina
Joined on March 12, 2017

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Time between tweets:
11 hours
Average replies
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Tweets with photos
20 / 100
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0 / 100
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204. in country Argentina and category Services

881. in country Argentina and category Brands

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David Heinemeier Hansson: "I think the best decisions we made at Basecamp were the million small ones that were easy to change. Steering the boat by a thousand tiny inputs rather than big, sweeping, grand gestures." @ritika_puri @dhh https://t.co/e7EeUpFhA9

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No joke: this 10k-word guide will make you cry tears of #socialmedia joy! 30+ Facebook Ad Strategies for Your ENTIRE Funnel, via @AaronOrendorff @PostFunnel ft. @larrykim @Sam___Hurley @danielwallock @dennisyu @joshuafechter & way MORE https://t.co/24NdUfSpCQ

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The top 10 #Twitter features that you need to know about #socialmedia https://t.co/T6hYMFF61D via @lilachbullock https://t.co/eITHAmvxoN

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"There’s no separation between work and life the way we are; it’s all the same thing. Spend time with people you love. Work with people you trust, who you know are competent and know aren’t going to screw you" - Benj Lerer https://t.co/1LGrZnbnVX

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