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Teacher. Author. Speaker. Mum of two boys. Wife. Trustee for #MaternityCPD #TeamEnglish #WomenEd #BAMEed MA Ed student. All views my own. Do what matters most.

Joined on November 13, 2012

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Catching up on Bake-Off. I have so needed the daftness of CAKE BUSTS in my life this year!!!

Can any of you lovelies point me in the direction of a good resource / demonstration of what/how/why? @Team_English1 @FunkyPedagogy @SPryke2 @SPryke2 I’m trying to rejuvenate some old SOW. 🙏🏻👍🏻

@BrionyBowers @FunkyPedagogy @Team_English1 @saju_lds @buttonpoetry @bravenewvoices It's not always "slam" but I think that Divedapper is a great place to find out about diverse contemporary authors with bold content. Some other great video resources for spoken words are @wanpoetry and @AllDefPoetry .

Can anyone help...what does the acronym PEAKTWIRL stand for, please? @FunkyPedagogy @shadylady222 @SPryke2 @DoWise @Mathew_Lynch44 #teamenglish @LitdriveUK @Lit_liverbird @GCSE_Macbeth

@FunkyPedagogy @Team_English1 This shows the impact relatability and sense of familiarity with history, identity and self has on students’ study of literature about them! Found this programme brilliant in recognising these brilliant authors and turning points in literature

J Murch
6 hours ago

Any advice on how to make a "cold read" of ACC more engaging for my middle ability Y10s. We have read some, listen to an audio book, watched some of the film, made a timeline of key events and key quotations - but it is a struggle! Help! @FunkyPedagogy @SPryke2 @Team_English1

One of our tutor groups have been reading Poet X, can anyone recommend some great slam poetry for them to enjoy when they finish the book? @FunkyPedagogy @Team_English1

Has anyone got a storyboard for ‘An Inspector Calls’? 🙏🏻 @SaysMiss @FunkyPedagogy @Team_English1 #teamenglish #edutwitter

4. If you'd like to catch up with any past CPD, all sessions are available on Vimeo: If you'd like access for your department, please get in touch via DM and we can discuss something which will work for you.

3. My upcoming sessions are available on Eventbrite. Next up is 'Forbidden Love' - I'll be looking at lots of famous thwarted lovers in literature, but coming at them from some new angles!

3. My upcoming sessions are available on Eventbrite. Next up is 'Forbidden Love' - I'll be looking at lots of famous thwarted lovers in literature, but coming at them from some new angles!

2. This session, and all of my CPD for the rest of 2021, is supporting 'Made with Music' with 50% of live ticket sales - a great little charity in West Yorkshire which brings live music to vulnerable children and their families.

And @MartynReah has joined @samschoolstuff as our #Wellbeing advocate on behalf of @teacher5aday. If you'd like to get involved with the #MTPTproject and cheerlead for us in your networks, but worry about time and capacity, Advocacy is a perfect role - just get in touch!

@brightwayscoach has formalised his community building amongst new dads by becoming part of our new Diversity and Inclusion team. He joins @babytismoffire @_MrsC_S @kinzalouise @nicksnook and @bristol_teacher: #MTPTproject #LGBTed #BAMEed

If your school's PM is based on teacher development rather than data and exam results, would you be willing to share an exemplar with me please? I'd most grateful @SaysMiss @MissLLewis @NLad84 @greeborunner @FunkyPedagogy @mssfax @cogscisci Pls RT

@FunkyPedagogy @SPryke2 #edutwitter I've been tasked with creating some creative writing content for KS3 and KS4 - any recommendations, ideas, or tips on where to find great resources that I can use as inspiration? 🙏

@Team_English1 have any of your taught any lessons on ‘how to debate’? Ahead of S&L assessment? If so, how did you approach this? @FunkyPedagogy @SPryke2 @SaysMiss - sorry guys

Has anyone mastered how to maintain high expectations as well as pitch the lesson right for mixed ability classes while also remembering they’ve been out of school for months? Advice, please? 😳🙏🏾 #edutwitter @ASTsupportAAli @FunkyPedagogy

Quoted @FunkyPedagogy

Why are writers obsessed with DEATH? How does desire and passion turn dark in literature? Join me for CPD tomorrow night where we explore these ideas and more in GCSE and A level set texts...

CPD in ONE HOUR! It’s not too late to get a ticket for the recording so that you can watch Bake-Off tonight and catch up on this session at your leisure!

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