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Quoted @BillyReinhardt

Kevin Durant reppin’ Brooklyn. (via __devonte__ IG)

Kevin Durant reppin’ Brooklyn.

(via __devonte__ IG)

KD is really going to the nets...

Quoted @TheSun

Saudi Prince moves his hand after 15 years in a coma

the last time this man was conscious was in 2005...

malik beasely >>> tyler herro

“ayo bro your shoes lookin a little dirty”

“ayo bro your shoes lookin a little dirty”

where is this news about hayward opting out??

Quoted @SamSheehan

If Gordon Hayward opts out do we start talking about how the Nets actually won that trade Celtics got Jaylen brown (off that contract) Tatum (last year of deal) Keith bogans Gerald Wallace Kris Humprhies MarShon Brooks Nets got Pierce, garnett, Kyrie, Durant, steve nash


Quoted @TheShadeRoomEnt

India Love with a message for anyone that tells her to pull her mask up!!

“i’m an aquarius” like what???💀

Quoted @ComplexSports

They waited 8 hours to see @KingJames in Vegas & he made sure to acknowledge all of them. LeBron is a real one. 👑 (via IG/702jdenshayne)

“i’m sorry i can’t take my mask off” *takes mask off*

cowboy fans would rather watch andy dalton fail than succeed just to prove a point that dak is better and they need him, imagine wishing failure upon your own team just to prove a point about one person, that’s like eagles fans hoping foles played bad to not win the super bowl

I swear the Cowboys could go 0-16 and all Cowboy fans would talk about is how good Dak’s stats are, it’s a good thing i’m an Eagles fan and not a Wentz fan because I couldn’t imagine myself preaching about stats over winning

Quoted @TMZ

DeAndre Hopkins Accused Of Flipping Off Trump Caravan In Arizona

WeAndre Wopkins

@espn @Twitter Malice in the Palace. Twitter would have been nuts.

When my dog has something in their mouth they shouldn’t have

this is why the cowboys will always be mediocre

this is why the cowboys will always be mediocre

Quoted @basketballfosho

Lakers Dodgers 🤝Fuck The Clippers🤝

For a fanbase that always say they don’t care about the clippers, they sure do talk about them a lot🧐

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