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overheard from a 2nd grade zoom today Teacher: Ok now, what's at the end of life 7 y/o: that's a.... I mean, that's a big... it's complicated... Teacher: I mean the word "life"

Cool thing to do with friends during rough convos: "do you need to vent right now or would you like feedback?" So many rewarding, productive conversations have come from this question and everyone is on the same page.

SAY IT WITH ME: A property owner losing money on a building is not the same thing as a tenant losing their home during a pandemic when staying home is the way to stay alive.

If people donโ€™t like โ€œdefund the policeโ€ Iโ€™m cool with going back to โ€œfuck the policeโ€.

I wish I had grandkids to relate the tale of when I decided to move twice during a pandemic.

Dominick the Donkey (The Italian Christmas Donkey) is one of the all-time best Christmas songs and I don't know how anyone could say otherwise.

Not problematic AT ALL. (But, like, if you go back, plz take me. And pay for me.) Bitches.

Quoted @ianthomasmalone

If there is one holiday film to rule them all, it must be The Muppet Christmas Carol. In the midst of their darkest hour, Muppet Studios pulled together to produce their finest feature.

Best Christmas movie, hands down. ๐Ÿ™Œ

Quoted @ReutersScience

A shiny metal monolith vanished from Romaniaโ€™s mountainous Neamt county, four days after its sudden appearance close to an ancient Dacian fortress sparked speculation it may be related to a mystery structure seen in the United States 1/4

All I'm saying is, with the way this year has gone, if a mysterious alien-like structure showed up in my general vicinity, I'd seriously consider relocating.

$54 parking ticket during a pandemic for parking near a fire hydrant that was still fully accessible from every direction. Fuck you, Burbank.

Quoted @Bass_Buny

Thank you corporation very cool

Thank you corporation very cool

Capitalism is๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ

Quoted @BrittanyVGates

Capitalism should not be thriving during a pandemic. Please join me by not shopping with Amazon for the entire month of December. They do not need your money. Shop small, shop local. #NoAmazonDecember


Really excited Biden is hiring an all star team of girl bosses to prevent universal healthcare and communicate to the press why his corporate pro war policies that make people miserable are super great. I might not be able to afford medicine but I feel empowered as a woman.

6 days ago

Being. Poor. Is. Not. A. Crime.

"Drive hammered, get nailed" Is getting nailed a bad thing now? (Seen on state route 17 in AZ)

Everyone talks about "flirty 30" but we need more "peaking late at 38"

Quoted @TiffanyDCross

Today I am grateful for: 1) #NativeAmerican voices speaking truth about #Thanksgiving (we should all join the chorus) 2) good health (it's fleeting for so many) 3) platforms & opportunity 4) friendship (I'm wrapped in warmth & we keep each other sane. And laughing!) 5) familyโค๏ธ


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