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We looked inside some of the tweets by @FederalBudget and here's what we found interesting.

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More money for the ATO to recover outstanding super liabilities - employers more than ever need to ensure they are getting their super guarantee calcs & payments right @FederalBudget #SG #Budget2019

It's a Santa Claus #budget but not the full "ho, ho, ho" with something up the sleeve for the #election @D_AccessEcon's Chris Richardson says. Tune in here: #Budget2019

See what the experts says with Deloitte @D_AccessEcon's Chris Richardson live on the budget here:

That’s a wrap for #Budget2019 with personal and company #tax cuts, boosts for infrastructure spending and a #surplus the key takeouts. More from our experts tonight and tomorrow.

In closing #Budget2019 @JoshFrydenberg points out 28 years of consecutive #economic growth and the aspiration one and one quarter million new #jobs in the next five years.

$3.5B for #emission reductions. $100m for environmental projects @JoshFrydenberg says #Budget2019

#Education will receive a funding boost with $300B for #schools #Budget2019 including funding for libraries and play equipment.

A new $525m skills package to create 80,000 new apprenticeships in areas with skills shortages is pledged by @JoshFrydenberg #Budget2019 along with jobs hubs in areas of high youth #unemployment

#Agriculture: will pump $6.3B in drought support and $3.3B for flood ravaged farmers. A new $3.9B emergency response fund will be established. #Budget2019

Fast rail will receive a major funding boost of $2B between Melbourne and Geelong. Funding for major road projects in Perth and Tasmania. #Budget2019

Infrastructure spend: $100B over the decade. Cranes over the nation, to relieve congestion Treasurer @JoshFrydenberg announces. #Budget2019 Urban congestion fund will be boosted to $4B to cut city travel times.

Small business will get a boost says Treasurer @JoshFrydenberg - “we want small business to prosper and we want them to do so.” From tonight the instant asset write off will be increased to $30,000 & can be used every time. Expanded to businesses with a turnover of up to $50m.

90 per cent of #taxpayers will pay no more than 30 per cent @JoshFrydenberg says. Tax as a share of #GDP will not rise more than 23.9% #Budget2019

More than 10 million taxpayers will benefit from #tax relief from July #Budget2019

Next stage in #economic plan for infrastructure, lowering taxes is key @JoshFrydenberg says. Two significant changes will deliver $158 billion for hard working Australians in large personal #tax cuts. #Budget2019

Budget surplus is $7.1 billion @JoshFrydenburg tells the house to applause #Budget2019

Treasurer @JoshFrydenberg says despite the surplus there are challenges. #Budget2019

First things first @JoshFrydenberg says the budget is #BackinBlack with the first #surplus in 12 years. Growth is higher, the #budget is stronger #Budget19

Drumroll... Treasurer @JoshFrydenberg is delivering his first #Budget in Canberra. #Budget2019

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