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4 years ago

First tip at subway 😍😍 #50cents @50cent

10 months ago

get Toopy and Binoo on Disney+

10 months ago

DNA ligase or flex tape???

give mildly racist man his job back! he was so good at wearing colourful suits

she want the world 🌎, but ima give her Guelph, Ontario 🙏🏾😎

“greys anatomy season 15 was added to netflix” oh my god just give up and let it die already

nah bro you can totally get on the bus first aha i definitely wasn’t at the stop before you

still waiting to be nominated for the ALS ice bucket challenge

pears are an old man fruit

summer nights...driving with your high beams and windshield wipers on with not a care in the world 😎 just please don’t honk at me

value village inflation must stop

how can you call yourself a crackhead if you live in the suburbs of stoney creek

had to turn down a nigerian prince because i’m broke

manslaughter on my mind

i am like other girls and i am proud

being brain dead is a requirement of each and every chris brown fan

broooooooooo those veld snaps are soooooo sick i also love listening to sounds

every time i say the word “society” in an essay it makes me want to die a little more each time

stop posting motivational quotes on your ig story no one reads them

free asap as asap as possible

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