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@Newsmax White House Correspondent. Former @OANN. "Politics is downstream of culture & culture is downstream of religion." 224M Twitter impressions in 2020.

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.@PressSec closes briefing reading names of children murdered in violence along with their pictures & asks for prayers for the families. @newsmax https://t.co/rE6grDRUAF

4 hours ago

The White House and President Trump are urging the FDA to “reconsider its rescinding of the emergency use authorization for the drug hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus," @EmeraldRobinson reports. https://t.co/VlT7z8drtO https://t.co/YvYVuU8O5D

Twitter is a big problem for “progressive” media outlets like @voxdotcom. Just consider @ezraklein who claims 2.6 million followers but struggles to get 500 likes consistently. @voxdotcom itself claims almost 1M followers but can’t get 50 likes consistently. Lots of fakery.

The corporate media wants you to believe that a guy who can't find 200 people to watch his townhall online is more popular than a sitting president who can get 10,000 voters to show up to hear him speak on any day of the week in every town in America.

.@PeterNavarro45 on #Hydroxychloroquine: “It’s $11 for the complete cycle.” “Remdesivir...it's $3,000. It's crazy. Big pharma likes to sell that. They don't like to sell $11 medicine. And there's some politics involved in some of that.” @newsmax https://t.co/NnAAKmEhDi

New York City will start painting “Black Lives Matter” on the street outside Trump Tower today - but since everybody has fled the chaos and violence unleashed by Mayor Bill de Blasio, who’s going to notice?

Hydroxychloroquine cut the death rate in half in one study with 2,500 patients. That means Dr. Fauci was wrong. Again.

Rejoining WHO is "crazy stupid - typical @JoeBiden," @PeterNavarro45 tells Newsmax TV's @EmeraldRobinson "...it demonstrates he's in the pocket of the Chinese." https://t.co/VlT7z8drtO https://t.co/MAwIYosrNa

The Little Sisters of the Poor won in the Supreme Court today - ending almost a decade of legal warfare started by Obama and his abortion-obsessed Administration. Praise God.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman announced that he was retiring from the US Army today. No word yet on whether he's going to be named the Defense Minister for the Ukraine.

Christians in California should start singing in church.

The two universities with the most donations from pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, MIT & Harvard, are suing the Trump Administration for halting the flow of foreign students into our universities. Both schools are being investigated for not reporting millions in foreign donations.

Our grandfathers would never believe that a radical Somali refugee was granted citizenship in America & then elected to Congress where she openly called for the dismantling of our system of government.

By calling our Founding Fathers "dead traitors" Sen. Tammy Duckworth has not only disgraced herself but also highlighted the hatred that Democrats have for the history of America.

Twitter is now a big problem for corporate media like CNN. Just look at @CillizzaCNN claiming 660,000 followers but not getting 50 likes on his tweets. Not good.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are social justice warriors in the same sense that Harvey Weinstein is a feminist, Katie Hill is a marriage counselor and Hillary Clinton is an IT security expert.

Names in Jeffrey Epstein's black book: Prince Andrew Doug Band Sandy Berger Graydon Carter Bill Clinton Chelsea Clinton Katie Couric Bill Cosby Andrew Cuomo Sarah Ferguson Steve Forbes Walter Isaacson Mick Jagger Ted Kennedy John Kerry David Koch Marvin Minsky George Mitchell

President Trump is the ultimate symbol of the culture war in America. When his administration tries to distance him from that war, he loses support. When his administration embraces that war & tries to win it, he gains support immediately. Like the Mt. Rushmore speech.

Twitter is now a big problem for corporate media. Just go down the list: @mitchellreports @chucktodd @maggieNYT @costareports @GStephanopoulos @brianstelter @peterbakernyt These "stars" of legacy media don't get any interaction on their posts. Where did their audience go?

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