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Chief Content Officer #TIDAL https://t.co/Z7Dnz0uBlr

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The #Hot100 top 10 (chart dated Sept. 26, 2020) https://t.co/kiVXNiRFkE

The #Hot100 top 10 (chart dated Sept. 26, 2020) https://t.co/kiVXNiRFkE

TheMotto ✍️ wild rare: my Jay Electronica interview https://t.co/sKDTrPz7ic

AD recalls being upset he let Jokic score on him at the end there. Rondo said to him: "He scored on you. You go get it back."

Bron was hyped for AD’s game-winner last night 🔥 https://t.co/1fHYvF02Mv

We’re back. @aliciakeys stars in our first episode of “Sneaker Shopping" back in stores WATCH: https://t.co/mSSzq2I2ii https://t.co/cDTZutCmmL

KHAL 9000
4 hours ago

CUZ I ALREADY GOT IT I already got it

.@GGYOUNGBOY has now charted 15 total entries (11 albums/mixtapes, 4 EPs) on the #Billboard200—all since 2017.

Mal & Joe Budden interview Kevin Durant on the Joe Budden Podcast https://t.co/UiUpmUsz1w

I really miss Andre Harrell.

Hangin with @Hit_Boy in Paris. Legendary. Ha! https://t.co/xqEeGhfMvf

wild rare: my Jay Electronica interview https://t.co/5yLYj8dEgc @ElliottWilson dropped this in the inbox...such a great read

So my brudda Mack just bought me a McLaren....!!!!!!....wtf!!!!!......”u know I ride for my MF n!gga” (my voise)

@ElliottWilson Great piece @ElliottWilson I still remember going through this album when I was 17. I bought one for the whip, one for the crib, and one for the plastic cause its a classic. Hands down my favourite with 4:44 almost taking the spot. But the nostalgia can't be beat... yet.

Quoted @marl0stanfield_

@JoeBudden We going to hold you to your word after @parksmusic said “let’s re-record everything you’ve ever done”

Pls don’t. https://t.co/vM7aTvC55T

WATTBA w/ Drake & Future dropped 5 years ago today. Time flies https://t.co/kb2ldxZd80

Migos perform a new song titled “Birkin” at the 2020 iHeartRadio Music Festival. https://t.co/NOkMkzPu73

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Tidal has partnered with #Facebook’s virtual reality platform #Oculus on a series of "immersive concerts." https://t.co/gdLDeEeg9T

Not surprising, TIDAL has hosted exclusive performances and airings long before the pandemic. Good move https://t.co/3XCYVYXpRL

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