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Business Management, Individual Performance & Life Quality Improvement Consultants, Trainers & Leaders.

Cairo, Egypt
Joined on April 30, 2012

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Know The language of finance with us. https://t.co/gx3n6EsM5r

Be a Team Champion, Be The Team Player. https://t.co/BqaOlIfCFJ

People around the world work & Conduct business differently, because of their cultural backgrounds' differences. https://t.co/mbRiJXNXHy

When NEGOTIATING, Never Say NO https://t.co/7Eq3Djcnj8

Budgeting&Planning are powerful tools of management control and directs the business towards its desired performance https://t.co/u2GMchdaMD

This “Advanced Presentations” Workshop, was designed to crystallize the fact “a Presentation is a Leadership Tool”. https://t.co/sA9t7LUYUK

Turn Every presentation into a Success #PresentItRight https://t.co/9VARmGxUGe

Don’t Ruin your Life – Enjoy it. https://t.co/hbfc3lN8MQ

How to Create Uncontested Market Space & Make the Competition Irrelevant. #BlueOceanStrategy https://t.co/i5em4D7rEF

A Process, that DOES NOT NEED ANY SPECIAL TALENT. #TakeTheLead #Leadership https://t.co/oboVY9lbKb

This workshop is designed to integrate the knowledge gained by participants in the functional area of management. http://t.co/R5Pne0SJQr

Explore the world of excel and much more. #AnalyticalCapabilities #excel https://t.co/a6BQhoAcvE

"Understanding Costs" Concept Review. Use Cost Information for Decision Making. #Costs https://t.co/Szu5HcwcFp

Manage resources that have economic value & maintain an adequate supply to meet an expected demand pattern. http://t.co/oTeW0Ubrsj

Create, maintain & balance a budget. Register now for our #BudgetManagement Concept Review, http://t.co/STtE1QPxFd

Formulate your #Negotiation #Strategy. Register now for our “When #NEGOTIATING, Never Say NO” #Concept Review https://t.co/jQ5L7Vej0I

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