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We looked inside some of the tweets by @EgosShadow7 and here's what we found interesting.

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3 minutes
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11 / 100
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6 / 100
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0 / 100

PS: This is a dare for the next 24h. Bare with me or ignore me for the next 24h

I'm Nicolle. Letting this for ppl who'll check my account thinking they follow a nsfw account.

I'm going to sleep. Goodnight. Say it back🔪

Well I'm losing followers skdjskdjs . But also my following count is kind of glitching for days idk if is twitter tho'

I don't think ppl recognize me.

Wow,that makes perfect sense. How I didn't think about that until now?Let's bu'lly ppl bcz they don't tweet the way I want or I don't think the way they support an artist is enough Let's send BH emails about dts and then send dts to those who have a diff opinion

Solo stans excuse for bullying me is bcz I use J/M pfp&I'm supposedly hypocrite So me not always tweeting,tweeting late or having a pfp is a reason to bully me but the stalkers are supported so you'll have few more sexy pics&know everything about your fav.That makes perfect sense

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@EgosShadow7 Drag locals who are filled with prejudice 💀

Honestly the locals on twitter have a big mouth but they are not the ones who have the power to do something. That's why you see them whining about things they can't control. Like for example BTS success. Stay mad

-were offended over stats, how chart works, facts when i never dragged or shade anyone

-take everything personally -provoked numerous scandals for bts -they think bts came and destroyed kpop , well yeah , they destroyed the bubble and let your faves have chances for a bigger audience but i guess a better life for artists doesn't matter for some

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@EgosShadow7 kpoppies

🙄 they have few lines to respond to everything it doesn't need to be related with your subject: -fancams -cursing -bts is kpop/bts is not kpop when it helps the argument -bts didn't pave the way,X did -they are sensible -they are united when is about bts -whinning a lot

Ok about what we should rant?

I'm losing followers help sdjskdjs . Idc I'm laughing so hard skdjsdkj

I found a solution for my followers to not grow , i see i see . Good to know

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@EgosShadow7 You need to look for a gif which goes with your dark era 😬

Listen , dark accounts don't listen . So don't tell me what to do sweetheart

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