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16 hours ago
@EddyGriffin14 Pictures I personally took at 12 today. All last names of missing girls. All $9999. All gone by 3:00. 22 names in all.

@EddyGriffin14 Pictures I personally took at 12 today. All last names of missing girls. All $9999. All gone by 3:00. 22 names in all.

@EddyGriffin14 They said pizzagate was a joke... Then Epstein happened

You know they called us conspiracy theorists when we said that it’s mass child trafficking going on in the world , let’s see what they say to cover this up

Here’s another daily reminder that socialism has N E V E R worked.

If you're still shaming healthy people for not wearing a mask, you need self-reflection. I can't say it any clearer than that.

Fun fact A woman with a gun is way more likely to protect herself from rapists than a woman without a gun A little conservative logic for you anti gun feminists

I have a infatuation with women shooting firearms

I have a infatuation with women shooting firearms

Oh no you don’t , keep her alive until she squeals on all of those pedophiles !

Quoted @ArtValley818

This woman is my new hero! 👇🏼

She deserves a trophy 🏆

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UPDATE: The GOP-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee has released a new report, yet again confirming Russia interfered in the 2016 election to help elect Trump, reconfirming the conclusions of both the U.S. Intelligence Community and the Mueller investigation. Here's a review

I missed you Russia 🇷🇺 can’t wait to be called a Russian again

Quoted @jemelehill

Several black children were murdered over the weekend, and it’s very telling who isn’t calling for gun control, but want to bring a version of marshal law to these areas.

Another reason why I’ll never vote Democrat , you want to take away my firearms because of dumbasses with guns....i love my firearms Fck off

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BREAKING: Under oath, Planned Parenthood's organ harvesting partner (ABR) states "we do a dissection" of babies, harvesting organs even while they have beating hearts "I can see hearts that are not in an intact [baby] that are beating independently” RT!

Fck planned parenthood


Me logging on to twitter to see that Planned Parenthood ADMITTED to organ harvesting baby parts, and nobody seems to care.

When you tell too much truth on corporate media

Dear Bill Gates Take your own vaccine

When someone starts explaining the meaning of their pro nouns to me

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Hilarious 🤣

Look me in the next 30 years

Happy 4th of July fellow Americans 🎉I hope all of you have a blessed day !

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