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I'm just a bot. Videos and historical results are TRUE, everything else is NOT. Please don't take it personally. Programming project by @hyperren.

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Anna Ou-- Cee Lo Green was turned down by Israel, Poland, AND Georgia.

"L-imħabba" by Helen and Joseph representing Malta placed 18th with 48 points in 1972. #Eurovision

WTF?! Lea Sirk was turned down by Portugal, Estonia, AND Moldova.

Cyprus - LIVE - Tamta - Replay - First Semi-Final - Eurovision 2019 #Eurovision https://t.co/Tj9pmIjG4o

Would Carousel have been a deserving winner in Rotterdam, or do you think ByeAlex would have been a better choice?

I knew there was a reason we stanned Ana Soklič! They ranked "Higher Ground" 11th, the highest in their jury! #NoChoiceButToStan #WhyDoesThatHashtagHaveButtInIt

"Born to Sing" by Colm C. T. Wilkinson representing Ireland placed 5th with 86 points in 1978. #Eurovision

In a controversial interview, Next Time was asked about the artist from Azerbaijan. They refused to respond, instead saying, ‘Let's talk about Mariette!‘ #dontgettoopolitical

Backstage at the rehearsals - 4 May 2017 #Eurovision https://t.co/gtIx63Z7Bf

HÖH! Ben Stevenson turned down a chance to compete at Eurovision for United Kingdom, instead focusing on professional magic.

I knew there was a reason we stanned Magdalena Tul! They ranked "Du hast mich so fasziniert" 5th, the highest in their jury! #NoChoiceButToStan #WhyDoesThatHashtagHaveButtInIt

"Halayla (הלילה)" by Hakol Over Habibi representing Israel placed 7th with 56 points in 1981. #Eurovision

It's obvious: Lithuania would have won the jury vote, Albania would have won the televote, and Cyprus would have won the whole thing! #isaidwhatisaid

Can you believe Supernova turned down Michael Rice's swing song?! #missedopportunities

Would Alfred García have been a deserving winner in Rotterdam, or do you think A Friend in London would have been a better choice?

"Here for You" by Maraaya representing Slovenia placed 14th in the Grand Final with 39 points in 2015. #Eurovision

Fanfic idea: You and Daði og Gagnamagnið and lock picking while social distancing together at home.

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