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Connect your heart, mind and spirit; oftentimes, their disconnected states are what makes us commit errors in frustration

Keep it simple. The rest will fall in its place

It's always been about dreams; they've gotten me this far and they will continue to propel me forward. 50% hard work, 51% dreaming = 101% success

Find yourself a passion that can put a smile on your face even on the worst of days. For me, that's cryptocurrency #XRP

Getting physically sick can affect your mental health big time: decreased motivation, less drive, more sadness, etc. That's why it's important to stay healthy, wash your hands and wear your mask during these times

Use your power to achieve your objectives

Imagine suffering from depression and a serious medical comorbidity - when the mind and body attack at the same time. Imagine

Sometimes you have to count your small improvements in depression rather than focusing on the big picture of, "I still feel depressed." Small improvements count!

Even though your daily panic attacks are controlled, sometimes residual ones can manifest in the middle of the night, also known as "nocturnal panic attacks"

It starts with your thoughts and then the change will follow

Super exciting. Is NJ cooler than NY now? https://t.co/6oSpDHqRiq

So exciting to see Bitcoin rise; not for personal wealth because I don't own any, but for the crypto community at large! https://t.co/8Na4bSPgQj

Dream on young one... spread the wings of your creative mind

Don't be afraid to be intellectually curious and to explore ideas and events which you previously ignored.

You can't always get what you want in life. The sooner you accept this and trust the process, the better.

Clozapine can decrease your absolute neutrophile count, making you vulnerable to infections. This is why a patient on the medication needs weekly blood draws for the first 6 months

Hard work sometimes feels like punishment. That's why good sleep is crucial

Quoted @nypost

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani claims presidential election will be 'overturned' https://t.co/DhGJWpt7Sw https://t.co/vCRFOG1jaA

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani claims presidential election will be 'overturned' https://t.co/DhGJWpt7Sw https://t.co/vCRFOG1jaA

Imagine if true! Corrupt software.... https://t.co/0T1qmCsy3V

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