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The radical left-wing mob is coming after the American way of life, and Joe Biden is too weak and feeble to stand up to them! “Liberal writers, activists sign open letter calling to end 'cancel culture'” #FoxNews

We have every right to fight to preserve our nation, heritage and culture. When vandals like Tammy Duckworth and Ilhan Omar tell us that we’re not allowed to question their patriotism, as they scream about how horrible this country is, we have every right to laugh in their faces.

JONES: I Am Black And I Am A Democrat. But ‘I Ain’t’ Voting For Joe Biden This November - The Daily Caller

But please, tell me more about Trump and his SAT scores

If Joe Biden gets elected your taxes are going up and everything from the economy to police funding to Mount Rushmore are coming down!

Let me get this straight @DeSeanJackson10 misquoted Hitler saying “Jews will blackmail America” but in his “apology” he admits “I know Hitler was bad” and “I only meant it to uplift” and “never meant to hurt anyone.” Utterly baffling 🤦🏻‍♂️ #Antisemitism101

Quoted @SeanParnellUSA

Yeah Lt. Gov. Fetterman...nothing says deescalation & service to the community quite like pulling a shotgun on an unarmed black jogger who’d done nothing wrong because you heard a loud noise & made certain assumptions. Maybe sit this one out.


The school that used to celebrate Avenatti seems to be trying to scrub him from memory now that he has been convicted of extortion and faces two more trials on charges of bilking clients.

Quoted @JoeBiden

We've seen what happens when the federal government fails to secure sufficient supplies of critical products like PPE — and we can't let it happen again. So today, I'm releasing my plan to rebuild U.S. supply chains:

NAFTA. WTO. TPP. If there's an acronym out there that = offshoring American jobs/production/supply, Biden's been for it. But after a half-century in government he's suddenly going to fix it? 🤔 YEAH RIGHT.

Do all criminals get to go to fancy restaurants in NYC while on house arrest? Michael Cohen Allegedly Caught Dining Out While Serving Home Sentence. DOJ, Bureau Of Prisons Silent.

Quoted @ArthurSchwartz

Ilhan Omar calls for “dismantling” of the United States “economy and political system.”

Does @joebiden agree with his supporter @ilhanmn that we need to dismantle the United States economy and political system? 🤔

Quoted @zerohedge

Violent Crime Is Surging Dramatically In Major Cities All Over America

A brilliant way to solve this problem would obviously be to #DefundThePolice! Am I right??? What could go wrong? 🙄 This leftist bullshit is coming to your home town soon if you don’t push back!!! Being woke on FB to appease your friends is fine but it’s time to wake up!

"Mark Meadows: Trump is the only thing standing between Americans and the 'mob'"

Trump is really running against the media, Silicon Valley, the establishment, the swamp, Hollywood and maybe Joe Biden.

12 hours ago

NEWS: China is upset b/c @realDonaldTrump withdrew from the UN Arms Trade Treaty. The treaty –forced on Americans by Obama/Kerry– allowed foreign bureaucrats to restrict law-abiding American gun owners' rights. If China is upset with the USA, POTUS made the right decision. 👏

Quoted @Surabees

It's pretty telling that every Democrat on the committee except for @TulsiGabbard & @RoKhanna voted against the amendment supported by @realDonaldTrump to finally end the Afghanistan war. Dems are truly the party of forever war now. Can't even pretend to be anti-war after this!

Democrats are now officially the party of forever war in the Middle East!

Quoted @RyanGirdusky

Here are the House Republicans who voted WITH @realDonaldTrump on Afghanistan: Brooks, Byrne, Banks, DesJarlais, Brown, Abraham, Kelly, Gaetz, Scott Here are the Democrats who joined them: Khanna, Gabbard

Thank you to these strong #MAGA Republicans for standing with @realdonaldTrump and the majority of the American people to finally end the war in Afghanistan!

Quoted @CNN

A surprising new study found that the controversial antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine helped Covid-19 patients better survive in the hospital.

Retweet if you’re wondering how many Americans died becaus the media made sure you wouldn’t consider trying this drug due to their nonstop fearmondering. They had to hate it because Trump was hopeful it could help. Turns out he was right.

Quoted @kerpen

It is not safe to keep schools closed.

Good thread. We need our children in school!!!

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