Advertising for books by @Thrythlind. REALLY hates Trump. #Resistance.

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https://t.co/mi6Xc0tzCk So, wait, Parler lasted like...HOW long of relevance before a censorship thing? Why don't they like #WriteInTrumpForSenateGA ?

#savingfreedom Do tell about this. I haven't heard of it

#writeintrumpforga DO IT! All Trump voters should try to elect Trump to the senate.

"Should trump be prosecuted" OF COURSE! He's done things worthy of prosecution, and NOT prosecuting him would make people think they can get away with BEING TRUMP.

So, let me get this straight. Trump is retweeting Cousin Edddie, alias Randy Quaid...who is firmly convinced that there is a secret liberal conspiracy to assassinate him. And, his big deal is "Let's just have the election a second time."

#TrumpTheFool ...Who is more foolish, the fool, or the fool who hires a fool as his lawyer?

Quoted @boohoo

COMPETITION TIME #BLACKFRIDAY 💸 We're giving away £100 CASH every day at 1PM! For the chance to win: 🔘 Follow @boohoo 🔘 Like this tweet 🔘 Tweet #BlackFridayHasLanded in the replies 📝 https://t.co/g1alG0NKyH https://t.co/5ZEzTfSFKz

And #BlackFridayHasLanded https://t.co/Y7FisQ8EoF

MUSTHAVEMUSTHAVEMUSTHAVE. ...Look, I dislike how capitalism has become, but I recognize that to some extent we must play the game. #PS5 https://t.co/kQjHjEirwS https://t.co/X1IiVxiwBT

. It says “Even WE don’t know who’s on which side anymore”

I still think the next Box set needs to be Dark Angels vs Alpha Lagion. Heck, even put Lion and Omegron in it!! But the box art is literally black, with a question mark on it (in 40k font of course) and instead of ‘in the grim... blah blah’

https://t.co/IHqLh4Barp ... This is far more accurate then it should be.

https://t.co/OTl0T6nIWW This...is an epic burn.

@Allodoxaa Also, Allo? That...is an impressive set of things...

Also, would you be interested in tea that turns people into mice?

#givethanks Thank you Lord, that Trump is going to be a one-term president, the second best situation we could have hoped for.

I can't find his nobel prize. Just his Ig Nobel Prize, though. I need to commission Kingpin in a comfy sweater. He'd be adorable...

President Abraham Lincoln was an honest man who managed to get into office. This....is very, VERY rare.

Having seen some responses to the John Hopkins University article, I was pondering something. One person claimed "Well cigarettes kill 400,000 people a year. 250,000 isn't so bad!" ...Well, in general, cigarettes only kill the person who uses it. Covid-19...kills others.

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