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Foreverabone. Technical Director, Minecraft. Sometimes streams. Hugs @

Stockholm, Sweden
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Unfortunately Rampant didn't work out :( We'll make a new world with it soon. For tonight, more interactive Factorio deathworld! I've lowered the cooldown on spawning new biter bases to make up for it <3

I've been playing a Factorio Deathworld on stream for a while, and we made it harder by allowing chat to spawn enemies, kill research, etc. In the last stream, we hit the community goal to install Rampant, a mod to make it significantly harder. Tonight's going to be chaos...

Me thinking about the first modded (Rampant) @factoriogame stream with @Dinnerbone, @King6887, @B00rz and @mihn tonight.

The latest Phasmophobia beta update made it so much harder on professional, omg. if you wanna see me die a bunch :D

I'm kinda falling in love with Raft :D

Playing some more interactive factorio deathworld! Come spawn some biters on Marlamin ;)

Where's the bone?! Playing some spooky phasmophobia!

Back to streaming, today with a smaller interactive Factorio Death World. Chaos!

Putting out fires and "rescuing" some cash in @EmbrGame - it's so much fun :D

Im back on streams tonight, took a few nights off to recover from holiday things We will be playing Embr with @Dinnerbone! Join us at around 7:30pm (gmt) :3

Excuse me, I am interrupting your timeline to tell you something important. You are cute. I like your face. Is that a new haircut? It looks gorgeous. Thank you. Your timeline will resume now.

Still live and oh my lord it's chaos

In todays factorio, I literally added a button that lets chat spawn an enemy base next to any player they like. This is fine, right? (also come join my discord and get hugs <3)

Back with some more Factorio, now with a community challenge to install a mod that makes our Death World even harder... and lots of chat interactions! Also I love you all xoxo you look great today.

Playing more spooky Phasmophobia with friends. Hunting for a bone!

Back with some more Interactive Factorio Deathworld. I'm loving these new stream interactions, and I want to make more! :D Also come say hi, I love you all.

Made some even more new interactions for tonights Factorio stream... Trees are killing us. Trees everywhere! Aaaaa!

Playing some puzzle games with the lovely @LittleLaggy! "We were here too!"

Back with more Factorio Deathworld and today we have a button that lets you spawn a forest on top of us. It's already causing chaos... :D

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