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Quoted @chrijor1

@DieHardMMAPod Can the general idea of Whittaker being chinny be done and we give him the respect that he deserves?

ANNOUNCEMENT Whittaker is officially out of the trash bin and much like Vicente Luque I will no longer attempt to fade him or refer to him as being chinny https://t.co/gZlfjD2jLr

This week hurts. The hedges cost me a winning night and I called 80% of the card right but didn’t get paid for it. We could’ve walked away with PILES of money today and I messed up. It’s on me. Except that Alvey robbery 🤬 UFC 254 will haunt me But I’m glad a bunch of you cashed

Hail Mary 0.5u +888😢 Jojua/Maverick Goes The Distance NO ✅ Alvey/Jung U2.5 ❌ Struve/Tuivasa Goes The Distance NO ✅ Harris/Volkov Goes The Distance NO✅ Whittaker/Cannonier Goes The Distance NO❌ Hail Mary 2 0.1u +6088😢 Murphy KO/TKO❌ Tuivasa KO/TKO✅ Volkov KO/TKO ✅

#UFC254 -1.34 Jojua sub +800 0.5u❌ Alvey +310🤯😭 Shavkat +130✅ *HEDGE Olivera +100 1u❌ Kenney KO +700 0.2u❌ Tai +110 ✅ Murphy ITD +490 0.2u ✅ Volkov -167 3.34u ✅ *HEDGE Walt +155 1u❌ Harris/Volkov U2.5 -139✅ Cannonier -121 2.42u ❌❌ Gaethje +275 2u❌❌

Khabib retires with the: - 2nd longest win streak in UFC history (13) - 8th most takedowns in UFC history (61) - 18th most control time in UFC history (1:34:47) - most title fight wins in UFC Lightweight history (4)

Quoted @coryharrison

@DieHardMMAPod Any guesses what they’ll do with the belt now? Justin again??

Now we get Dustin vs Conor for the strap in January at Dallas Cowboy Stadium #UFC254 https://t.co/uSP6PKLHpD

Khabib goes out on top. Undefeated. Undisputed. The GOAT. Thank you champ. Thank you for everything #UFC254

This fight meant more.

Congratulations, champion

#ufc254 https://t.co/dWpNcZPJQY

This fight meant more. Congratulations, champion @TeamKhabib #ufc254 https://t.co/dWpNcZPJQY

#UFC254 Justin has never looked that gassed so fast. I took my shot against Khabib and failed. I’ll never doubt the GOAT again. Justin Gaethje +275 2u😭

What a round!!!

JUSTIN GAETHJE IS OUR ROCKY!!!! Cmon man!!!!! #UFC254 https://t.co/1qj8W9b0zH

Nothing but respect for rob. How does that guy keep coming back?!? I thought I was fading a broken fighter. Not even close. Unreal. https://t.co/SK8JSZwWsI

Damn man I thought Cannonier was gonna get it done at the end of R3 for a second there. Shit. The one fight I really get wrong is the one I didn’t hedge and loaded up on 🤦‍♂️ Jared Cannonier -121 2.42u ❌❌

Great fight that was Whittaker’s round. Jab vs leg kick. I’m sweating bullets right now. Rob looks like champion Rob again.

Biased but I got Cannonier R1 with those thundering leg kicks. Close round

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