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Dove Award winner, 6 time Stellar award winner, 3 time Grammy nominee, Film producer, TV Executive, songwriter, Pastor, Husband, Father & friend #DHVisions

Coast 2 Coast! Yeeeeup!!
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I know we’re in pain but I need you to breathe for me family. We will live to see victory! 🙌🏾💨💨#justiceforbreonnataylor

Just a little nugget of wisdom from your big bro!💯🙌🏾🌊🏄

Nobody else in the world can compare to you. You complete me Lord!🙌🏾💨💨 Go download the entire #TIME (Truth is my energy) album now! Available every week now! @eonenashville

I thought about how much I need you lord!!!🙌🏾💨💨💨💨👂🏾😭 #newsinglealert #CompleteMe #truthismyenergy @eonenashville 🔥🔥 🏆 🏆

These are strange days that we’re living in! 👀 🤦🏾‍♂️ #Pray 🙏🏾

What a great way to start #TheView. This I Can’t Breathe song by @DeitrickHaddon is just wow 😭

Awesome way to open up @TheView Thank you @DeitrickHaddon for reminding all of us to BREATHE! ♥️🖤💚💛

TIME OUT. You have got to hear this. @DeitrickHaddon - I Can't Breathe (MUSIC VIDEO) via @YouTube #JuneteenthDay

@TheView @DeitrickHaddon @WhoopiGoldberg That was so incredible 😢 and beautiful!

Aaaaaay! 😎✊🏾🍿🍩#Repost @theeginamiller ・・・ To ALL the @DeitrickHaddon music lovers and supporters....TODAY...get up and get ready....It’s a Deitrick Haddon Music video takeover, featuring all the videos from the…

#Repost @chandrawise ・・・ The bro @DeitrickHaddon is hanging out on the show this weekend!!! This guy is always a blast and ALWAYS has a Word!!! Don't miss it!!! We're talking about his new project, T.I.M.E. (Truth Is…

I guess I sang He’s got the whole world in his hands while I was waiting for the saints for @HillCityLA online bible study! I said I wasn’t gonna do it but it showed up in my spirit cause ya’ll done sang it so…

Be encouraged friends!🙌🏾😭 Don’t miss the concert sunday! I feel something already!🤦🏽‍♂️🙌🏾😩

Aaay fam don’t miss the @DeitrickHaddon @betgospel video takeover this Friday!! How about nonstop Deitrick Haddon music Videos from the past & Present! 😎✊🏾Get your snacks and popcorn because your weekend is about…

If you can’t appreciate #2 you won’t deserve to be #1! 🙌🏾 I gotta give honor where it is due and that’s to my Detroit Queens of Gospel music @legendaryclarks! 👸🏽 👸🏽 👸🏽 👸🏽 They gave us the blueprint for that…

Don’t miss this Sunday the 29th! I will be singing songs from my new album T.I.M.E and anything else you want me to sing from my catalog. Make a request! Please share with me your favorite song and I will try to put…

🦍 #Repost _.miss.lady._ ・・・ This boy.. I love his love for music 🎶 💙 Just a reminder that thru this, we should all carry some Gorilla Faith! @DeitrickHaddon #JaeSeanAnthony #MyBoy #Dancing #Unbothered…

Aaaaay the fam is rocking out to the legendary @4everBrandy!! It’s a Haddon house party! 😎🕺🏾

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