#Deplorable Debra

#Deplorable Debra



#PhillyPAMAGA President Trump I support Israel, I support ICE 2A #BuildtheWall I AM #WarOnDrugs 👈 fighting for our youth.

Pennsylvania, USA
Joined on April 06, 2015

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Leftists PANIC as Kanye West Presidential Run Would DESTROY the Democrat... https://t.co/GpfNju2Xqe via @YouTube

America has ONE national anthem and ONE unified destiny. It's disgusting that the @NFL would stoop to division and the acceptance of different Americas rather than one unified nation.

@ChrisMegerian I would be more concerned about the feces and syringes littering the slowly decomposing city whose newspaper you work for which can only contribute to the spread of this pandemic, as your leftist state government worries about pronouns, caps and straws.

The Angry Statue Bandits are the Democratic Mobsters! Corrupt Joe Biden Supporters!

July Fourth Weekend was a bloodbath in US cities: Chicago—80 Americans shot, 17 killed New York City—64 Americans shot, 10 killed Philadelphia—31 Americans shot, 7 killed Atlanta—28 Americans shot, 4 killed What do they all have in common? They're all run by Democrat Mayors.

#CorruptJoeBiden! (New Name!) Remember Crooked Hillary Clinton?

BLM protesters shoot an 8 year old girl #Atlanta they are a terrorist organization BLM Protesters SHOOT An 8-Year-Old Girl in Atlanta! https://t.co/2FDcODrLQq via @YouTube

@DebraAr49979596 @bartdaymd She becomes another well paid mouth. For $$$ she spews her hatred, certainty, not her intelligence

@DebraAr49979596 @realDonaldTrump I just showed you how racist they are the criminals got more rights than the victim.

@AllRepublicans Cant let her spill the beans on the Democrat pedophiles. The Clinton body count is about to increase.

Lessons from a father that will make you a man. This Dad teaching his kid to throw hands, but not just against physical violence but against his own internal struggle. This lucky kid is going places. Watch until the end♡ https://t.co/3CVpQsG2x2

Trump Rally This Saturday In New Hampshire The Trump campaign needs to conduct these rallies like military operations. This is not 2016. The left is doing everything it can to suppress rally turnout. Pray for our President, he surely needs it. https://t.co/LKRmCeWwO0

The father of 19yr old Horace Anderson, whose son was shot & killed in CHAZ got a personal phone call from President Trump, but not a single Democrat politician reached out to this father. Because that black life didn't matter to them, black lives do matter to our President tho https://t.co/weUK5azYys

.@SidneyPowell1 🇺🇸 America's Guardian Angel of Justice👏👏👏 #MondayThought 👉Is @BarackObama #DeepState and #JudgeSullivan afraid that @GenFlyn knows where all "dead bodies" are buried⁉️ https://t.co/Pzm9dQmlAn

Former white house doctor says Biden would fail cognitive mental exam https://t.co/dfSkAehfyd

#NewYork is not the Big apple anymore It's the biggest ghetto in America Sell sell sell law abiding citizens ‼️ Nightmare in New York: Murders up as shops are looted and shuttered https://t.co/h1ccRqTSOU

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