Dale Now❌ #COVFEFE

Dale Now❌ #COVFEFE




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We looked inside some of the tweets by @Dbargen and here's what we found interesting.

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GET OUT THERE NOW & VOTE!This is the most important election of our life time!YOUR VOTE MATTERS!VOTE TRUMP @realDonaldTrump VOTE RED! @AnaJuliaG8 @RobertEvans1953 #PrideNews1 #PrideFamily #Pride2020 #pride @H1Tch7 @Shadow_Golem_ @FloridaSharkman @helper2 @cjmays01c @MarkMetts3 https://t.co/tt8gw6Arvc

DNI Ratcliffe: Hunter Biden Emails, Laptop ‘NOT Part of Some Russian Disinformation Campaign’ #BeijingBiden #BidenCrimeFamily #NationalSecurityRisk https://t.co/xA5IMvMzw6

Join us We want to help you gain followers and answer as many of the questions that you may have about Twitter. We will discuss the change to retweet rules on, shadow bans, and more. Both chat and phoned-in issues will be addressed and answered. https://t.co/Ph8C0reyMb

Give me ONE reason you're voting for @realDonaldTrump... 🇺🇸 Comment & pass it along! 🇺🇸

‘Masks Work? NO’: Twitter Removes Anti-Mask Tweet From Trump Coronavirus Adviser @DailyCaller https://t.co/dFTwQCXoZZ

Joe & Jill Biden’s Income in 2016: —$396,456 Joe & Jill Biden’s income 2017-2019: —$16,596,979 I wonder how much of that income came from Hunter Biden’s business deals we’ve read about on these emails? Where is the FBI?

I heard Joe Buy-den is putting a lid on his campaign until right before the debate Thursday. Apparently he’s also putting a lid on answering any questions about his massive corruption scandal.

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