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always halfway happy. profile pic art- @estirdalin & @nicole_clowes IG: dkharbour.

New York, NY
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Come out. It’s the holidays. The proceeds go to charity and Patrick Wilson will sing a goddamn song!! What the hell else are you gonna do at 6pm on a Sunday?😘⛸🎤🎉 https://t.co/bzZZJwbo2w

Quoted @MarvelStudios

"I’m done running from my past." Watch the new teaser trailer for Marvel Studios’ #BlackWidow. In theaters May 1, 2020. https://t.co/Q1BxUz63Dk

‘And I, will run directly towards my past’ #BlackWidow #RedGuardian #StillFits https://t.co/nHXbl7xFFU

Look, man, I think you’re perfect, and it should be a straight offer, but Lorne needs ya to come in AGAIN and read for Mr. Noodle. He’s not sure the deep psychosis of his ‘imaginary friend’ syndrome reads tragic enough at this point. Grover is up to read with you. https://t.co/OJc4OIudJF

Who does not suffer, should read with a question mark after it, as it’s rhetorical. (Who does not suffer?)

It is an ‘ism’ like all others. ‘Sanism.’ And most days I deal with it with a certain duck-back-like-grace. But when you brand us the cause of societal ills, I bristle. And I think of where the ‘sane’ have gotten us. And where the ‘sane’ continue to lead us.

I tire of this archaic branding of a subset of the species altogether (who does not suffer), but certainly in times of cultural strife to focus rage, hatred and deep uncertainty on a weak, already ashamed and outcast group seems, at best cowardly, and at worst calculated evil.

More often it is the societally sanctioned sane that are violent. Being lost and confused and cracking up amidst the overwhelming hypocrisy and apathy of a society who’s very earth crumbles and decays by their own indifference seems to me a very considered response to daily life.

The ‘mentally ill’ (this arbitrary societally agreed upon cattle brand to differentiate ‘us’ from ‘them’ re: pain) are overwhelmingly SUBJECT to violence, not perpetrators. I am a card carrying member and those I’ve met in asylums are some of the kindest, lost people I’ve known.

Quoted @sagaftraFOUND

Hey #StrangerThings fans! Join us for a sneak preview of #StrangerThings3 on Saturday, June 29 @FordTheatres in LA! #DavidHarbour will join us for a live Q&A! Proceeds go to @sagaftraFOUND. See it a week before it streams on @netflix! Buy tickets now: https://t.co/tEzjrduswJ https://t.co/gKuYdjjUZN

Hey #StrangerThings fans! Join us for a sneak preview of #StrangerThings3 on Saturday, June 29 @FordTheatres in LA! #DavidHarbour will join us for a live Q&A! Proceeds go to @sagaftraFOUND. 

See it a week before it streams on @netflix! 

Buy tickets now: https://t.co/tEzjrduswJ https://t.co/gKuYdjjUZN

Get an ep of ST3 a little early (be the envy of fans worldwide) and send all those sweet proceeds to the wonderful @sagaftraFOUND . https://t.co/3FJRho9Y2Q

Damn, the Midwest is full of some fine folks. I wanna thank all the kind hearts and warm smiles I encountered in Dallas (south, I know) Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska. Such beauty in these faces. If I did believe in GOD, I’d want her to bless America.

I hope y’all go check out Hellboy this weekend in theaters and Imax. It’s a brutal, bloody, funny, epic good time and best viewed on the big screen. Have a HELL of a weekend. 😈 #puns… https://t.co/YZlb8NceIA

This me and Hellboy creator like Mignola at last night’s premiere in nyc for hellboymovie . I love him and what he does so much I reached out and touched his heart, because he has… https://t.co/PAZKAlFeHo

ONE WEEK til I finally go on my tinder date gone wrong with chicken leg house. #hellboymovie opens April 12 in theaters and imax. Get those tix now https://t.co/6gleWAfATE

Discussing awkward American bear hugs, Himalayan monkey trauma, Bulgarian raging bulls and the pressure having to stand (so soon) on Lady Gaga’s shoulders tonight on @jimmykimmellive -… https://t.co/WMp4elppLc

that was the inspiration behind the recreations in the movie. the first sentence is wonky, but you get it, right?

Quoted @duncanfegredo

Nice to see my work there, maybe nicer to get credit? https://t.co/Z28ytq7wg2

The great artist behind so many iconic recreations in the movie is Duncan Fegredo. He was artist behind 'the wild hunt' (and many others) from which we draw a lot of our story. I'm sorry, Duncan, to not credit you. You are a hell of an artist, your work is dazzling. https://t.co/BL5Tprv82P

HAPPY HELLBOY DAY😈!! Thank you @artofmmignola for creating this beloved character and his rich weird world. https://t.co/mHRhFMpmz4

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