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Boo to a Boo. Uncle. Brother. Cajun. Lead National Correspondent for @CBSThisMorning. Anchor of @CBSNewsRadio’s ’Reporter’s Notebook’. Paddington's daddy 🐕

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President Trump: we are on the road to success. if he gets in you’ll have a depression...your 401k’s will go to hell. Joe Biden: I’m going to give you hope. We’re going to chose science over fiction, hope over fear. What’s on the ballot here is the character of this country.

Joe Biden make what he admits is a “big statement”: I would transition from the oil industry, because the oil industry pollutes...it has be replaced by renewable energy, over time. I’d stop giving the oil industry federal subsidies.

President Trump: the first time i ever heard of black lives matter they were talking about pigs (police) in a blanket, fry them like bacon. That was my first glimpse Trump: “I am the least racist person in this room...I don’t care who’s in the audience...I’m the least racist.”

*Trump says Biden - in voting to pass the crime bill - harmed the black community & called them super predators *Biden said “not true” but his mic was muted *From CNN: “Joe Biden in a 1993 speech warned of "predators on our streets...” https://t.co/2Ts3vDdAfz

The Presidents response when asked why children were separated from their families at the border and kept him cages under his administration: The Obama administration came up with the cages The kids are well cared for under my administration

Joe Biden: within 100 days I’m going to send to congress a pathway for citizenship for more than 11 million undocumented people #Debates2020

President Trump asked how he’ll reunited more than 500 children, separated from their families at the border, with their parents. We’re working on it, we’re trying very hard. #Debates2020

President Trump says he would consider raising the minimum wage in a second administration but says he thinks it should be left up to the states to decide, saying he doesn’t want to put small businesses out of business

President Trump on if Joe Biden is elected: “you’re going to have socialized medicine” Joe Biden: people have to have affordable health care...what we’re going to do is going to cost some money

Joe Biden on his desire to expand on Obamacare: Reduce premiums and drug price I support private insurance We’re going to protect pre existing conditions (President Trump has said that same)

President Trump regarding Obamacare: what i would like to do is a much better healthcare...we’ll always protect people with preexisting conditions and come up with better health care. Fact: After 4 years, POTUS has not put forward a detailed plan.

President Trump regarding North Korea: he does have plenty of nuclear capability (talking about Kim Jong Un) We have a very good relationship and there’s no war.

Joe Biden denies he did anything untoward related to his son being on the board of a Ukrainian company. He then points a finger at Trump saying he meddled in Ukraine to dig up dirt on him, Joe Biden. That is true. It’s why President Trump was impeached. #Debates2020

Can you really prepay taxes? President Trump claims he’s prepaid millions.

Trump said Biden sold pillows and sheets. He did?

Joe Biden: I have not taken a penny from any foreign source ever in my life. I have released all of my tax returns - 22 years - you have not (pointing at Trump) released a year of your tax return (Trump smiles and nods no) President Trump: I called my accounts, I’m under audit

Joe Biden: any country that interferes in America’s elections will pay a price...Russia has been involved, China has been involved...now Iran...they will pay a price if I’m elected President Trump: nobody tougher than me on Russia. I’ve never taken money from Russia

President Trump: you have raised so much money, and every time you raise money deals are made. We don’t need money, we have plenty of money Joe Biden: average contribution (as he points at himself) 43 dollars

President Trump: “I take full responsibility” regarding COVID-19 #Debates2020 I don’t remember him saying that before tonight.

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