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Dave Collinson



Hairy northern man currently chilling out in Devon. Got interviewed by the Metro, ABC and Time magazine because I buried some ketchup.

Teignmouth, England
Joined on February 09, 2009

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Sod it I'm going to have some wine

Hell of a lot of recycled announcements and waffle tied up in a pretty bow by Rishi Sunak. #SpendingReview

How many things Boris Johnson is saying now are going to be proved false by Rishi Sunak in about *checks watch* ten minutes. #PMQs

Totally normal and well balanced people cover every wall in the house with flags, well known fact. #PMQs

Oh this is painful, Johnson is looking weak and petulant. #PMQs

FISH! Everybody drink. #PMQs

Cakes are bad for you. I know this because I just stacked it down the stairs in a desperate attempt to get a mini roll before the adverts ended. #GBBO

When I was a chef I had many "moments" standing in a freezer trying to keep my sh^t together. #GBBO

I love a custard slice, but it's not the thing to try a shovel in your gob on a first date especially if you have a beard. #GBBO

There is a certain type of person who will drag their kids round to the vulnerable grandparents for a hug this Christmas, while at the same time insisting all the presents are fastidiously disinfected.

bit worried only 37 days until Brexit and I still haven't got my ration book or passport to Kent

I just coughed and pulled about 15 muscles

Me last night: Need to get up early, I have a list as long as my arm to do tomorrow. Me at 8.30am: Ok I've finished, maybe that list wasn't as long as I thought. *Goes back to blankly staring out of random windows in the house*

If you want to know which tier your area is going into on the 3rd of December, just check how much your local millionaires have donated to the Tory Party. Also the number of Tory MP's second homes in an area is a good indicator.

“Now they’re saying we’ll be back to normal life by Easter!” “Easter?! Do you believe that?” “I don’t know what to believe anymore” “Didn’t they say it’d be normal by Christmas?” “They just make it up as they go along” “I don’t know, eh...” “Tea?”

Quoted @GeorgeWParker

Asked by @AndrewMarr9 what the economic impact of no Brexit trade deal would be - for example on the car industry - @rishisunak can't say. But there's good news: it won't be be as bad as Covid. "The most important impact on our economy will be coronavirus."

"Fire won't be as bad as frying pan" Rishi Sunak confirms. https://t.co/m3S7Vu30Z2

Quoted @montie

I have great respect for @pritipatel but this is exactly what I fear. This government is in danger of looking like it plays by different rules to the country it governs. https://t.co/cmhF00uzYk

The ship hasn't just sailed on that, it's hit an iceberg, sank, and James Cameron has made a movie about it. https://t.co/VlcWGklCnj

You should never form square when you are about to receive a f**k load of cannon fire. Basic tactics. https://t.co/U2vIR5vLSg

Oh no the #DowningStreetBriefing is over.... Over.

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