Daphne Wallace-Edwards

P. K./A. A.;A.G.S.;College-Pre+Post-Nrsng Cl; CNA; Caregiver 20yrs/happily Marr’d 8 yrs; 4 wonderful grown kids

High Desert Nevada
Joined on August 21, 2020

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AOC Doesn't Understand Why The Concept of "Abolishing ICE" is Controvers... https://t.co/NVCwpdfJI1 via @YouTube

.@speakerpelosi has only allowed 19 days of business in the House over the past six months. Think about that. Why aren't we doing the work of the American people? She is holding America back. https://t.co/XtQ3kKtYQG

"President @realDonaldTrump, you know who's going to put you in office? Not only the Evangelicals, but the Latinos & @BlackVoices4DJT are going to put you in because we have WOKEN UP,” says Linda. “We are told to vote Democrat. NO MORE!” 🇺🇸 https://t.co/zmCumVrsRk

Matt Gaetz is a new type of Washington character who lives by his own set of rules https://t.co/sSyqMu4dyd

@JillLudlow1 @SenateGOP @realDonaldTrump How could you want power back so much that you are willing to kill innocent children?

@SenateGOP @realDonaldTrump Fake peace. Bible: “They will say ‘peace’/ ‘peace’!- but there is no PEACE.

Quoted @KRNV

Nevada health officials said today that they expect to see an uptick in new coronavirus cases after President Donald Trump held political rallies in the state over the weekend. https://t.co/yVStxUolMA

It was a peaceful protest https://t.co/1zZyl54FbL

$100,000 reward offered in brazen ambush shooting of 2 Los Angeles sheriff's deputies - ABC News via @ABC - https://t.co/gOhrXnqY36

@realDonaldTrump Dear Sir-Hire MEN; women; everyone to manage Forests! Plant/ Cull trees> God says to take care of Earth> Need EQUIPMENT MADE TO DEAL WITH LANDSCAPING ON MAJOR SCALE

@realDonaldTrump Mr. Trump >Ask all of the Elderly + Infirm 2 vote on the 2 ‘early voting weeks’ (Dims don’t want anyone to vote early-the elderly vote U N!/Set EARLIER time 4 the Infirm and Elderly 2 vote/ make Nt’nl HOLIDAY>SAT+SUN/ I’m sending Certified restricted Sign.> 4 NV

@ChuckGrassley @realDonaldTrump That IMF loan would destabilize Nations= making war! Biden’s Economy would BOOM with all of the War machines made;a long- used tactic of Dims

@realDonaldTrump Protect Elderly+Infirm by arrangements thru Disability Act: $ 4 adjacent/ EARLIER VOTING 4 Them! Make Vote Day Nt’nl. HOLIDAY NOW(always Sat+Sun)InfraRed 2 detect soiled hands/Temps

@BrandonStraka Not so and U know it! Get real+have support for persons who deal w/ cops who’ve decided to be judge; jury+ executioner; speak up for blacks not concentrate on what’s wrong w/ the cheaters

@EricaKiou6 Pelosi is a Mutinous Traitor/ Jetted lots of Congressmen+ familys 2 Belize when: coincidentally; a man fired hand-held rocket N 2 Wh.Hs.> says“Rep Voters> R domestic evil 4 VOTING, making her guilty of: A Felony! R.E.> suppression/ intimidation of Voters

@EricaKiou6 Erika- Pelosi is a Murinous traitor! She took alot of Congress in her when: coincidentally a Hand-held Rocket was fired N 2 Wh.Hs./says “Repub VOTERS R DOMESTIC EVIL”>suppression/ intimidation of Voters<>FELONY

#NeverForget that America is filled with courageous people. People who are willing to risk their lives for people they've never met. And remember that America is an unprecedentedly good place worth protecting and celebrating.

Quoted @BrandonStraka

BLM siege, steal phone & destroy it, threaten/accost #WalkAway team in front of @DallasPD w/ @wfaa @NBCDFW @FOX4 cameras & reporters filming. Despite witnessing, MEDIA RAN NO STORY. Police reports filed, NO CHARGES PENDING. Support: https://t.co/u9SlSqTOOg https://t.co/2XZaYSRk6j

YouTube has REMOVED the footage of BLM’s Dallas attack on me and my team, uploaded just a few hours ago. https://t.co/IZOAaNgKxa

America will never relent in pursuing terrorists that threaten our people.

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