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Writer for Family Guy, On-Air at 104.3 MYfm

Los Angeles, CA
Joined on February 18, 2009

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I did the voice for "The MandaLakeran" in this funny animated show for @BleacherReport. Check it out! https://t.co/nUvaM1No6o

Quoted @BleacherReport

KD tries to go beyond burners to clap back at haters…in "Block Mirror" Episode 1 of B/R's new animated series "Role Players" (@StateFarm) https://t.co/MUkgUfVgY0

I did a voice on an upcoming episode of this funny new animated series "Role Players" from a fellow Family Guy writer. Check it out! @BleacherReport https://t.co/P4SCpv5Ogq

This Thursday on @siriusxmvolume (ch. 106), get ready to journey back to the days of screaming teens in Times Square, pop acts ruling music & the climax of the CD-era. @DamienFahey will detail what is was like to follow in the footsteps of Carson Daly on MTV's Total Request Live. https://t.co/fYPgQ9Cyd4

Here’s a really beautiful speech by Tom Petty. I love the “sunglasses at night” story. https://t.co/Pt0wVGd6cU

This is great too. Tom Petty and Garry Shandling just hanging out. https://t.co/CbLKXQfo3s

Here's one of my favorites. Acoustic "Learning to Fly". https://t.co/909lipilbL

No, c'mon. Not Tom Petty.

We should just let Tom Petty choose who gets to be president from now on.

When I'm bored at an airport I love running by the gate to Fort Lauderdale and yelling, "Oh my God! Kenny Chesney died!"

I hate the FLOTUS hat.

I feel like the first paragraph of every New Yorker article is just the author showing off how many adjectives they know.

Every other Facebook post now starts with, “I don’t usually get into stuff like this on here but…"

Love that you could fit all of the Boston white supremacist marchers in a single UberXL.

Steve Bannon is now free to focus on having multiple strangers a day come up to him and say, "Excuse me sir, your face is bleeding."

I wouldn't wish death on an enemy but I would wish being accidentally hit in the back of the ankle with a grocery cart.

Which Netflix food documentary is going to make YOU unbearable to be around for a month?

I think we all need to admit the cars The Price Is Right gives away are just okay.

FYI: I will be taking all of tomorrow off from work as I try to find the “unsubscribe” button on a single email.

Every day of the Trump presidency feels like the stress of watching your wife open a box of jewelry your mom got her for Christmas.

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