Former graduate of Bible college and Baptist minister, now an atheist and member of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Dem-socialist.

Fort Wayne, Indiana
Joined on January 01, 2010

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@Eeriemer @DaeguDave being active on the platform and forming connections helps a lot. It'll help your tweets get in the algorithm.

@AlyKat_89 I make social media ads for progressive candidates, would love to connect with more present and future campaigns!

15 hours ago

@AlyKat_89 We need one! Almost at 600. Ty!

@AlyKat_89 My following back is limited, but I just broke 700. Will follow back all followers as soon as able.

@AlyKat_89 Me. In close but have been locked out for three days. I promise I will follow when I can!

@AlyKat_89 -waves- I'm following back when I can!

@AlyKat_89 Oregon lefty here under 500, would love a boost!

@AlyKat_89 This communist is under 1k

@AlyKat_89 I’m just under 600 and could use a boost. I keep reaching my “follow limit” so I will reciprocate as soon as I can! Thanks!

@_Matthiato @AlyKat_89 Still under 1k? Me too! Time for #SOLIDARITY! BIPOC Indigenous under 1k I'll follow back ALL who follow me. #NoComradesUnder1k #NoComradeUnder1k ☮🌹✊🔥 #NotMeUs #BigUs #OurRevolution #TaxTheRich #unionstrong #M4A #Native #EndTheWars #MMIW #BIPOC #BLM

@AlyKat_89 This comrade right here! My follows are limited, but I will follow back everyone as soon as I can. #NoComradesUnder1k #NoComradeLeftBehind

@AlyKat_89 I'm 3 away from 800 but Twitter's got everything but comments locked down 😭 https://t.co/mvlIXmlhsp

@AlyKat_89 I'm 3 away from 800 but Twitter's got everything but comments locked down 😭 https://t.co/mvlIXmlhsp

Dear Comrades, Can you share the secret recipe to reaching 1k? You ain’t colonel sanders #NoComradesUnder1k

Oh wow I got hit with the 3 day ban.

Republicans fear their base and Democrats hate their base.

@zukphl @jakehabron Quite a ways from 1k but I can feel the energy from y’all! Look forward to getting to know all my new comrades during our fight for justice! #NoComradeLeftBehind

@zukphl @jakehabron It's been a tough week climbing those follows 🥺❤️ #NoComradesUnder1k

@zukphl @jakehabron boost me, I'll follow everyone as soon as I get out of Twitter Jail, and I'm close to the 1K now

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