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Craig Mish
35 minutes ago

Marlins Manager Don Mattingly says game two against Baltimore tonight will be a bullpen game for them. Won’t pick a starter/opener until after game one is complete.

Marlins Outfielder Lewis Brinson says he is tired of being slapped in the mouth. Says he has eliminated outside influences. Brinson says he doesn’t care what anyone has to say about him, knows he has to play better.

Marlins Outfielder Monte Harrison says teams are in for a rude awakening and the 305 is coming. He also says if you don’t think he is going to get better, you should not be following him.

Pablo Lopez discusses all he went through mentally and emotionally this start after his dad passing away last month and having to think about it a lot while stuck in a hotel #Marlins

Pablo says his father passing away, and then being in the hotel alone for a week wore him down. He said he felt his father pushing him from above to get through. Took it to the mound tonight as well.

Marlins Pitcher Pablo López said he prepared for the start in the hotel by throwing at pillows in the hotel. He said the hard part was not really knowing where the ball would have gone. Clearly.

Thank you to my teammates, the coaching staff and the entire Marlins Organzionation for allowing all this to come true. I love all you guys...but wait wait wait don’t forget tho...the Fish are “Bottom Feeders”...Yeah Ight ‼️😤🏁

I’m a kid from Kansas City, MO. Who grew up with a single mother with 3 kids to provide for. Working my ahh off every single day to be a Professional baseball player. My brother and I becoming 1 of 4 sets of brothers to play Professional Basketball(NBA) & Baseball. (MLB)

Miami Marlins Manager Don Mattingly “We expect to win.”

Man...where do I start lol...not how I visioned it starting off lolol but the nerves running through my body I’ve never felt before....the Excited/Anxious/Nervous/Bubble Guts feeling of stepping on the field...I’m so blessed/Honored to get to step foot on a Big League field.

Marlins win their first game back 4-0 in Baltimore. They improve to 3-1 on the season. Not sure how they get to 55 games but I am definitely interested in finding out.

Jesus Aguilar does not like being stuck in the same hotel room for 11 straight days so he took his frustrations out on a baseball and Miami leads Baltimore 4-0.

Pablo López. Pablo’s father passed away last month. Goes through the nightmare in Philadelphia last week. Out of the hotel and on to the mound. Five bleeping shutout innings.

Jon Berti singles home Jonathan Villar. Marlins are off to an improbable 2-0 lead in Baltimore.

Francisco Cervelli hits the first Marlins Home Run since their season was paused. 1-0 Miami.

Marlins Pablo Lopez is through the first. He faced live hitters ! Not hotel pillows ! #progress

The plan today with the Marlins and Orioles is the blueprint moving forward. All sports. WAIT for results. Push games back. There are no fans in the park. What is the rush ? Get those test results back. Will save teams.

🗣 MARLINS BASEBALL IS BACK • Game 4 of 60 • Marlins debut for Logan Forsythe, season debut for Lewis Brinson, and MLB debut (!!!) for Monte Harrison • The starting 9 behind starting pitcher Pablo López 💫

🗣 MARLINS BASEBALL IS BACK • Game 4 of 60 • Marlins debut for Logan Forsythe, season debut for Lewis Brinson, and MLB debut (!!!) for Monte Harrison • The starting 9 behind starting pitcher Pablo López 💫

Jonathan Villar will be the Marlins primary shortstop until Miguel Rojas returns. He’s comfortable there. They really have no other choice but saying he is comfortable there sounded like the baseball type thing to say.

One could assume the very first time Manager Don Mattingly meets one of his new players will actually be when he makes a pitching change tonight.

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