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When you feel so confident in the price you paid you just gotta stop and look like a statue dedicated to buying a car. #FinallyItsEasy

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That was the WiFi password the PRESS had to use at President Trump's rally last night in Wisconsin. https://t.co/N1Xdv5Hako

#WhoBuiltTheCagesJoe? That was the WiFi password the PRESS had to use at President Trump's rally last night in Wisconsin. https://t.co/N1Xdv5Hako

Who’s 💯 MAGA with @realDonaldTrump? Retweet if you haven’t flinched an inch!

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Please pray for my wife who is in the ER. Thank you 🙏

Thanks for the prayers Patriot family. My wife is all good. Freak accident that could have been much worse. She was cleaning out an electric bladed masher and it flipped ON with her finer between the blades 😱 Doctor also told her that masks are bull shit and don’t work 😂 https://t.co/kjCCMkh6mu

See past the speculation with trusted, original coverage from WSJ. From breaking news to political analysis, let our fact-based journalism help you make up your own mind this election.

@StevieNicks it was under a capitalist economy that you had the freedom to choose to make money as a singer. Yet you use your voice to support a candidate that promises socialism-where YOU would have worked in a factory your whole life on a paycheck that was taxed to death⬇️ https://t.co/FdT2rXDFLJ

LauraLoomerforCongress, “The President of the United States just voted 4 the most banned woman in America.” And “the most banned woman in America” will bring BigTech to its knees once she’s elected PLZ $ to Free Speech Warrior, LauraLoomerforCongress, at https://t.co/iGp2WFfHqI https://t.co/PINgh88adh

@ramblingsloa Love 💕 /🎥discover.animal,kochscorner/ https://t.co/N388OuWQ7q

My mom is in a memory care facility. She’s 81. I was told today that she has #COVID19 & is being transferred to a hospital. I’m not allowed to be with her. It’s highly survivable but she’s in the vulnerable demographic. Would you join me in prayer for her? Thanks! 🙏

@SGUSA4 @704cath @Brixea @redpill_4 @Dv81Grey @TheGrayRider @duckusa @Nick_Trump7 @DFBHarvard @Patty1z @OU_KAG @gonepecan11 @Derameth @lugohely @KimPKAG2020 @BBoopsieUSA @CountryTisOThee @Dbargen @Savingrace_ @merlins_girl @RedeemingRose @LaReginaNYFL Sheer thank you for including Rosie @CountryTisOThee a must follow. Rosie's service is admirable & touching... If anyone wants to follow a Certified Patriot you have to start with Rosie @CountryTisOThee She will follow everyone back 🇺🇸 Sheer is a must follow too @SGUSA4

I hear the Joe Biden Halloween masks have a "Made in China" label on the front...

⬇️This guy kills me when he says “don’t listen to Trumps garbage”..what?? SMH ⬇️I have some information for him.. I’m not listening to ONE SECOND of his garbage. ⬇️ ⬇️Please God save us all and make him Go Home⬇️ https://t.co/xPNP7GlGc7

🤬Joe Biden looks like an angry old man yelling at an empty parking lot ⬛️◼️◾️▪️▪️◾️◼️⬛️ ✔️Rt if you agree ✔️Follow me ✔️Follow everyone 📣Vote Trump 2020 https://t.co/LKWs3JLDaQ

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