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Travel spotlight: Isle of Skye, Scotland known for its rugged landscapes, picturesque fishing villages and medieval castles. The town of Portree can be your base for exploring the island, with its colorful harbor-side pubs and boutiques!

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This day in history, 1561, "Trinity Church" (now Saint Basil's Cathedral) is consecrated in Moscow, Russia.

City Spotlight: #Constantine, #Algeria, the most beautiful city in Africa that you've never heard of with its bridges connecting different parts of the city over the #Rhumel River.

Travel tip: When you get on a plane or train: wipe down the tray, seat, arm rest, or anything else you'll likely touch with antibacterial wipes.

Did you know hummingbirds can see colors we can't even imagine!

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City spotlight: Viña del Mar, Chile. This picturesque beach town with its incredible coastline, beautiful parks, and museums housed in old castles and mansions is just the place to relax and unwind. #viñadelmar #chile

Travel tip: Let your bank and credit card know that you're traveling so they don't put a hold on your account because of unusual charges.

Did you know China accounts for over 30% of the world's fish production. Carp, trout, salmon and perch are all amongst the most popular species of fish found in China!

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Check out our Ambassador's recommendations on getting the best of Catalonia, Spain!

Site spotlight: #Petra, #Jordan. This ancient city, once a thriving capital, is an archeological treasure with temples and buildings carved into the sandstone cliffs surrounded by mountains. You'll love exploring this world-renowned site.

Travel tip: Pack hand lotion, sanitizer and antibacterial wipes in your carry-on.

This day in history, 1816, Argentina declared it's independence from Spain!

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If star gazing is your things, you'll love the #Cambrian Mountains in Wales where new trails have opened. Check out the Astro-tourism trails and sites for your next star gazing destination.

Travel tip: Bring a large scarf or sarong. In a pinch it can be used as a wrap, beach blanket or towel, and even a curtain!

This day in history, 1579, Our Lady of Kazan, a holy icon of the Russian Orthodox Church, was discovered underground in the city of Kazan, Tatarstan.

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