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@TIME What to expect from a saffron robed holy man who is a divisive politician and a lieutenant of Modi. A most malign force in India today

@karunanundy Modi/BadShah/BJP is a legal power onto itself

@Reuters Reflects the state of affairs in Modi's India

@Reuters Modi's coronavirus policies have been counterproductive and caused incalculable harm to India

@business As long as Erdogan dictates Turkey the West should maintain its distance

@Reuters Why does the world allow Israel to get away scot free for so many acts of state terrorism ??????

@cnni India is in dire straits economically and bottom of all international rankings yet Modi and the BJP cabal try to paint a rosy picture. Even when China has encroached and occupied its territory while India stood by with sterile response. It is a lost cause under the current regime

@business Pontifications of yesterday's man

@Ghair_Kanooni This saffronite desh bhandu has been heavily indoctrinated by BJP Modi/BadShah/Guju mafia cabal. Precisely to mislead the farmers.

@Reuters Another belligerent response from the red devil China

@business No wonder since the loss of the election Donald Trump is beginning to look like Frankenstein's Monster

@jaketapper Donald Trump and his enablers should be arrested and charged for attempting a coup to overturn the result of the American election and threatening American democracy. Try them for for TREASON

@Reuters Does it work in the first place Dr Xi ????

@business Tump is the most successful Russian agent in the US. He has subverted tbe American democracy and institutions and done great damage to US by ignoring the pandemic, and Aduped the Republican Party. He is within a hair's breadth of creating chaos and disrupting US . Wake up USA !!

@business Acknowledging that his Russian agent Trump is defeated. Putin trying to save face by dissenting and not accepting the US election result

@Reuters Europe stabbed in the back by Turkish dagger and now stabbing Islamic countries in the chest. Erdogan's modus operandi

@business Right hand does not know what the left hand does. Trying to stay relevant to secure personal future. Heaping more confusion, the world views him as a lameduck

@Reuters Conspiracy of the establishment to bring down a taskmaster and successful minister Priti Patel as her face does not quite fit in

@cnni How and why does the state of America allow demagogue Trump to mesmerise like a snake and corrupt the govt system and democracy, in league with the Republicans

@BBCWorld @BBCNews This Korean company and its owners and executives should be charged with crimes against humanity. The Korean govt should also accept responsibility and the United Nations shoiul also be involved in putting a stop to this activity

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