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330. in country South Africa and category Services

That anti-climax moment when you finished a major project on time and then wonder: what's next?

#Wealthcreation they promise to teach you how to create wealth - only spend some money with them. You're kidding, right?

Amazing how people judge the number of Facebook Friends you have, but couldn't care less about your real friends

#Thatmoment when you knock a glass of ice water over onto your brand new laptop...

#whatif social media marketing was easy and successful, creating tons of business with 1 sentence or pic?

#VuyoMvoko Am still wondering, what were the muggers thinking? Live filming? Really?

Do you need a #weddingphotographer? Have a look at Some beautiful images there

My heart goes out to everybody involved at #capefire. Wish I could help

Don't be #CaptainObvious on #socialmedia - people are not stupid.

Want to be #retweeted? Say something meaningful, understandable and worth reading or retweeting

We should write for the pleasure of writing, not for what we hope to achieve from it.

Do we really just have to accept #badservice, because that is the way it is?

#SONA2015 When the Titanic hit the iceberg, I believe the Captain also said: 'Oops. That was a glitch!'

So many social media experts, so many ideas. Should we tweet a lot or not?

#Marketing101: whenever you have a great idea, move quickly with it, as other people may think about it as well

Have you planned your #marketing strategy for 2014 yet?

A brand new website for Corporate Choices: Have a look

Do you know who your #targetmarket is? Really?

There is no one successful recipe for #marketing as each business is unique

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