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Assistant Professor | Sociology | Morgan State University | ΚΑΨ

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A lot of people think first gen college status is about lack of resources & mentorship , but it’s so much more. It’s carrying the weight of the sacrifices made for you to be in a place not meant for you & having to succeed for fam even though they don’t know the violence their.

there's a difference between doing research on racism as a system or race as a social construct; and doing research on actual living, breathing, thinking, black people. lets hope that all these new anti-racism initiatives & hiring pushes aren't divorced from the human

Damn, either Ice Cube don’t know... don’t show... or don’t care about what’s goin on in the hood... 😥

Been asked to be the commencement speaker this year at my high school. Humbled, excited, & terrified to stand in front of the little ones in my community to offer some form light, making clear this is them, in a moment that has exacerbated the issues of segregated Black schools.

Indigenous Peoples Day should force us to question if we are walking with & thinking in conversation with Indigenous folks continuously. Indigenous sovereignty is a prerequisite for any liberation movement.

It’s Indigenous Peoples Day for all the non-Indig folks out there. That’s everyday for Indig ppl. I’m not here to support the performative wearing of moccasins or beaded bling so we can be visible in our own lands. I’m here to dismantle the systems that keep trying to erase us.

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This is the home of Joseph Morrison, one of the Michigan men recently arrested for his plot to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Can we acknowledge that maybe economic circumstances play a role in radicalizing people?

This is the home of Joseph Morrison, one of the Michigan men recently arrested for his plot to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Can we acknowledge that maybe economic circumstances play a role in radicalizing people?

Folks will jump through mental hoops to avoid the obvious, whiteness is dangerous. Class here is used as a tool to detach their actions from whiteness. Without a gendered & racial analysis of capitalism you are using it as a scapegoat & miss why it matters in the first place.

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There couldn’t be an academic version of this because y’all can’t can’t condense your writing

Pence is worse than the student who always talks but didn’t do the reading. He is the student that didn’t do the reading and comes in late and immediately jumps in the conversation to ramble about points completely disconnected from the conversation.

So Pence is basically saying that he and Trump don’t have to follow scientifically-proven public health measures because they trust that the American public will. What kind of backward logic is that? #VPDebate

My flex is I publish papers using epistemology and then go to the hood and folks show me love. No peer review process matters to me as much as my community feeling me.

Things I found helpful: 1. I read & listen to folks whose work inspires me to get motivated. 2. I read about writing & read folks with dope writing styles (these generally don’t have anything to do with my area). 3. Attend English Department lectures that focus on writing.

For writing to be such an essential part of academia we structure little training on the aesthetics & process of it. Let’s help each other grow our writing style/voice. Develop/teach strategies that inspire & motivate to get over writing humps. Writing isnt only an end but an art

Read those people who expand your imagination when they speak their truth. The best thing a book has ever given me is alternatives that I never knew existed.

I am completely opposed to defunding the police. -Joe Biden

Cardi at least spoke to an experience and feeling that a good segment of the country felt, while this debate is worse than folks talking over each other during a Zoom call.

Don’t y’all ever fix your lips and say Cardi not intelligently savvy or professional enough to talk American politics after this train wreck.

Why didn’t y’all tell me that if I got a book contract then I would have to actually write words and sentences?

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@marclamonthill No. Never have. In all my 60 yrs. My children haven't either and there kids, never. Most i can say is I've driven through the hood. Was told not to stop lock my car doors dont talk to no one just drive till get to my destination.

I grew up in the hood. My mom was the lady who sold candy in the projects. She planted a garden, the flowers died because she sucked at gardening. I learned how to play b-ball there. Saw a girl that made me want the hood forever if she was there. The hood has people, not others.

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