Paul Cook

Paul Cook



Fitness Trainer from Lincoln, UK. Lincolnshire and bracebridge heath cricket and Lincolnshire cricket captain

Joined on November 11, 2010

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Dont be frightened to leave a bit in the tank........... I had the morning off today however still decided to go...

started s+c mentorship with @BrendanChaplin tonight with Skype chat. Lots to do. Wonder if my wife will b bothered if I work on my honeymoon

3 hours of weightlifting by a Tamas Feher #legend

@jack_harvey42 finishes 3rd in 1st race at Spa after starting 10th.#thatshowweroll #comebackkid #British3

Disappointing week for lincs in the cricket. Fielded and batted well However us batters need to pull our fingers out! #2gamestogo2wins

The standout fullback in the Championship, Rob Cook, has joined @gloucesterrugby from the Cornish Pirates #Rugby

Whats for dinner you ask? "A meal without flesh is like feeding on grass." - Proverb

It's official I hate hospitals.#NHS #beenanhourwaitingnow

At hospital finally getting cast off.#letsgetthissmellythingoff #massivepperbodysessionlater

“Training is like fighting with a gorilla. You don’t stop when you’re tired. You stop when the gorilla is tired.”

Chucking a carrot at my wife while she's making tea didn't go down well! #throwingknifes #theeyessayitall

"Blood, sweat & respect. First two you give, last one you earn" ~ Team Bring It

Fed up of seeing 85% of folks in the gym waste their time on cardio machines #liftheavy #fatloss #timetowalkthefloorithink

Eat a high-quality, high-protein diet to increase resting metabolic rate & the amount of energy required to digest food #FITFORLIFEThursday

For all u half squatters out there "@TJMRobertson:"Deep squat training produced an 8 percent increase in jump height,.."

If you're still searching for the magic program or diet that will help you skip the 5-10yrs of hard work required you're destined to fail.

Alan partridge #hilarious

Cricket stars pay respects to Maynard: Andrew Strauss and Mike Gatting were among those who paid their respects ...

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