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People with PTSD up to two times more likely to be diagnosed with dementia, new study finds.

The UK' s trade deal with Japan is stepping stone to joining CPTPP trade bloc – what are the prospects of success?

What can we learn from the ways epidemics of the past not only killed people, but also destroyed culture and morale?

Current policies will only reduce the amount of plastic entering the ocean by 7% by 2040. A consensus is forming that the G20 and other global leaders must focus on systemic change.

A confrontational speech in Brussels suggests a fight is on the horizon with Poland over its 'LGBT-free zones'.

Can government algorithms be used for good if they avoid personal data?

After Venus, where else in the solar system could harbour alien life?

Should we trust extrapolated estimates?

Dementia is twice as likely in people with PTSD, new study finds.

Arm's sale to Nvidia poses lots of questions for the British company's future.

Brussels takes aim at Poland over its controversial 'LGBT-free zones'.

Cricket, money and clout: the IPL heads to the UAE for #IPL2020.

Ancient footprints reveal that humans reached Arabian Peninsula 120,000 years ago.

Poor-quality attempts at ‘deepfake’ videos known as ‘cheapfakes’ are still fooling people. Will they influence the election outcome?

At least 13 foreign powers have a substantial military presence in Africa. Here is why.

These are the four locations which might have the complex ingredients for alien life.

Here are some ways governments are using algorithms without causing a scandal.

How warming water from the Atlantic helping melt Arctic sea ice from below.

Is Arm's sale to Nvidia a threat to the British chip designer's future?

Mayflower 400: why letter writing was central to the lives of pilgrims.

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