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15 minutes ago

who can i message on @instagram to get the @ Clix or NRG Clix

13 hours ago


top 10 moments before disaster

top 10 moments before disaster

Gonna do a long stream tomorrow though, just needa practice tonight off-stream w new trio

Most likely taking today off ❤️

Trio Situation Read:

shitter 😂🤣

im fucking kidding these servers are fucking ass like how can epic make the servers this bad holy shit cancel all fncs till this shit is fixed

I don't know why people complain about the servers, the servers are perfect stop complaining and adapt ♥️🏆

Somehow Summer Skirmish Lag is back. Great Job @EpicGames @FNCompetitive

too late im alr in

10k likes and i'll jump in on stream

10k likes and i'll jump in on stream

im so fucking hyped to streams lets fking go

live at 6 (trio tournament / long stream )

@ClixHimself Congrats to @MistNtg on winning the Clix keyboard! You will be one of the first to ever receive this keyboard!!! Send us a DM to claim your prize!

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