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👕 Predicted XI: #ManCity vs Newcastle United [Premier League] | @BrandonEvans_18 👕 Featuring: 🇦🇷 Nicolas Otamendi 🇧🇪 Kevin De Bruyne 🇧🇷 Gabriel Jesus ❓ Who would you select for tomorrow's starting line-up? #MCFC | @ManCity | #MCINEW

Pep Guardiola: "When a team wins eight titles out of the last 10 competitions they play, they're an incredible team - that's what we hope to show in the remaining games. The Liverpool game is history and the Southampton game. Newcastle is what matters." [via @ManCity]

Pep Guardiola: "The confidence in the players is no less than it was after we beat Liverpool. The control is there, the way we play is there we just need to be more consistent in front of goal – where normally we're very good – and in our own penalty area..." #MCFC | @ManCity

🚀 Free-kicks 𝑫𝑶 𝑵𝑶𝑻 come much better than this. #ManCity | @elanoblumer | #MCINEW

📺 NEW VIDEO: #ManCity vs Newcastle | Pre-Game Chat

⚔️ Lewis & Jordan preview #MCINEW, discussing whether Joao Cancelo has earned a second consecutive start, the truths about Fernandinho, and much more...


#MCFC | @ManCity

📺 NEW VIDEO: #ManCity vs Newcastle | Pre-Game Chat ⚔️ Lewis & Jordan preview #MCINEW, discussing whether Joao Cancelo has earned a second consecutive start, the truths about Fernandinho, and much more... ➡️ WATCH: #MCFC | @ManCity

Quoted @SoccerAM

Describe the best goal you've ever seen in the most boring way possible 🥱

Some Argentine bloke played a one-two, ran past some people, and sliced it past a goalkeeper who should've saved it.

🎙️ "We still have incredible targets to fight for..." - Pep Press Conference Highlights [vs Newcastle] | @HarryASiddall 📊 Addressing the gap 👨‍⚖️ Judgement Day looms ✨ A Lionel Messi reunion? 🤔 Denying pressure on UEFA #MCFC | @ManCity | #MCINEW

Pep Guardiola: "I remember the game against Spurs at home, they had two shots on target and we had more than 20 and we drew. It happened in the second game in the league and the last game against Southampton was similar. I was not able to change this dynamic." #MCFC | @ManCity

Pep Guardiola on being so far behind Liverpool: "When you lose nine games you cannot win the PL right now - maybe years ago. The champions has to score above 90 points so when you lose nine games you cannot win the league."

Pep Guardiola on Gabriel Jesus: "What I want from Gabriel is the performance that he gave against Southampton, that was maybe one of the best performances he gave this season." #MCFC | @ManCity

Pep Guardiola on putting pressure to host the Madrid game: "I am not strong enough to have this impact. I am not a president. I have never spoken with UEFA. I have said many times that we want to play in Manchester but we are going to accept [the decision]" #MCFC | @ManCity

Pep Guardiola on CAS' verdict: "On July 10th it's the draw and on the 13th will be the sentence. After that, i will give my opinion. We wait for the resolution from UEFA. This season is not going to change, it is so beautiful what we have in front of us." #MCFC | @ManCity

Pep Guardiola on Lionel Messi to #ManCity: "I’m not going to speak about transfers until the end of the season. My wish is that Messi is going to stay in Barcelona." #MCFC | @ManCity

Pep Guardiola on Steve Bruce: "He arrived when we met in China. He landed there to see the last friendly game and there were a lot of rumours. He has done incredibly well in the PL. He has already avoided relegation, last season they struggled." #MCFC | @ManCity

Pep Guardiola on the remaining games: "We need four more points [for the CL qualification]. I was worried after we beat Arsenal and Burnley how our approach would be but the effort was incredible even in the games that we lost." #MCFC | @ManCity

Pep Guardiola: "But if what happened against Southampton and other games this season like Tottenham home and away or Norwich away, where we dropped points, we will be out and Arsenal and Madrid will go through. That is the reality we have to accept." #MCFC | @ManCity

Pep Guardiola: "In the semi-final against Arsenal and Madrid this is the reality. We can play the way we played, i don’t have doubts this is going to happen and we are consistent in both boxes, we have a big chance or opportunity to go through"

Pep Guardiola: "We played really good in terms of what we wanted to do, the commitment with the players is still after two or three successful seasons unbelievable. But we are in the point that sometimes we make a mistake that we have to avoid in some games and are punished"

Pep Guardiola on signing a centre-back: "At the end of the season. We still have incredible targets to fight for." #MCFC | @ManCity

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