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Chuck Rothman



Author of Staroamer's Fate and 50+ SF short stories. @SFWA member. Agent: @VaughneHansen (Virginia Kidd Literary Agency) #amwriting #writing #writingtips

Schenectady, NY
Joined on June 23, 2014

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My wife is in the hospital with a bad infection. They have her on antibiotics, which are helping, but not fast enough. The frustrating part is the limited visiting hours.

Since I finished watching "Umbrella Academy," when a character says "There's a rumor," I expect something to happen. #vandervalk

I've just posted a new entry to Great But Forgotten: Otto Binder (author)

Nice twist. Too bad it took so long to get to it. #svengoolie

Smoke! That explains why they're coffin! #svengoolie

So Dracula is a racist? #svengoolie

In the Library. With a pistol. By Colonel Mustard. #svengoolie

It's official: Long Chaney, Jr. is a truly awful Dracula. #Svengoolie

Is wandering around the swamp at night ever a good idea? #Svengoolie

It's amazing how many people are obsessed with their follower count.

I was close to abandoning my current WIP, but decided to add a new MC. Now it's working just fine. #amwriting #WritingCommunity

High voltage never stopped Godzilla. What makes them think it can stop giant rabbits? #Svengoolie

Rabbit stampede! #Svengoolie

"One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small." I think Grace Slick has the answer right here. #Svengoolie

That girl is clearly plotting with the rabbits. #Svengoolie

Ya got trouble with Captain Billy's whiz bang! #Svengoolie

A job for Batman! #Svengoolie

"These rabbits should lettuce alone." #Svengoolie

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