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As coronavirus cases surge in Arizona, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego says some mistakenly thought the state's blistering heat would combat the spread of the virus: "Turns out Covid-19 is pretty tough."

The president of Florida's largest teachers union and and an elementary teacher in Broward county join the show to discuss the perils of Florida requiring schools to reopen in August.

"Here is the antiseptic truth," says @chriscuomo. We are five months into this pandemic and have record hospitalizations. It's the only metric that matters. If you are sick you are sick.

Typo...they meant confederacy...not America. Trump is lifting up the “heritage” of slavery at a time of national unrest based on demands for justice. He seems to have picked the wrong side.

Typo...they meant confederacy...not America. Trump is lifting up the “heritage” of slavery at a time of national unrest based on demands for justice. He seems to have picked the wrong side.

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms addresses her positive coronavirus diagnosis saying she believes she mistook the symptoms of the virus for allergies

President Trump's plan is obvious, says @ChrisCuomo. "He wants to get as many of you, who are white, angry and active on election day as he can."

Public health officials in Rockland County, New York, issued subpoenas with expensive fines attached to force people connected to a coronavirus cluster to speak with contact tracers. Rockland County health commissioner: “Within a few hours we had responses from almost everyone.”

“We’re about to celebrate Independence Day. I’d actually like to rename it for this year: Interdependence Day. And emphasize the 'dependence' part. We need to do this together.” - Dr. William Schaffner on the need for a national strategy to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

After 53 years of marriage, a Texas couple died from Covid-19 while holding hands. Their son joined the show to remember and honor his parents.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot says President Trump is trying to "borrow a page from Richard Nixon's playbook" in seeking to divide and conquer Americans: "We need the President to be a better leader."

"Those that are uncomfortable with that setting should not attend," says the sheriff responsible for the village near Mt. Rushmore. "It is an individual choice. We are pretty independent here in the West. So if you want to attend you should, if you don't there are other options."

The attorney for Mary Trump, Ted Boutrous, says the President's niece is just a citizen who wants to reveal important information about the President. She is currently engaged in a legal battle with Robert Trump who wants to block her tell-all book about the President.

.@chriscuomo: "Our President burns more calories trying to divide us than he does doing anything else." "…But we, we the people, we pledge to stay together."

Another hate bot. Exposed. And whoever is fronting this is as dumb as they are divisive: clearly @angryamericans pj is fronting the 69 Chevy.

Wonder what more videos like this would do to the 2A movement?

Report: Drug overdoses soar amid coronavirus pandemic “What concerns me the most is the isolation that is affecting the vulnerability of people that have been struggling to stay away from drugs,” says Dr. Nora Wolkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

WH defends Trump calling Black Lives Matter a "symbol of hate." The WH press secretary "doesn't know much about the Black Lives Matter global network," says @angela_rye. "She clearly does not understand that Black lives have not mattered to this country since its foundation."

A New York appellate court vacated a temporary restraining order against Simon & Schuster, the publisher of President Trump's niece, Mary Trump, upcoming tell-all book. CNN's Brian Stelter has the details on the court's decision.

"This pandemic is not disappearing," says Dr. William Haseltine about President Trump's claim that Covid-19 will "just disappear." "If you have leadership, governance and individual responsibility, it can be reduced to zero."

Seattle's police chief Carmen Best explains her department's retaking of the autonomous zone saying the situation had become "very lawless" and officers had been unable enter the zone without "extreme resistance." "We are restoring order and getting back to business as usual."

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