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[status] Resolved: Cloudflare has announced they have addressed the issue, and we have not seen further affects on our service. This incident is resolved.

[status] Monitoring: Services at Cloudflare seem to be stabilizing. According to their status page, a fix is being implemented. The primary component we found to be affected at Chargify was two-factor authentication services provided …

[status] Investigating: We are aware of a potential DNS outage at Cloudflare. Our core services are not affected, but some of our downstream providers may be affected, i.e. payment gateways. We are working to compile a list and further…

[status] Completed: This maintenance window is completed.

[status] In Progress: All customer-facing certificates have been replaced. Please reach out if you have any further connectivity issues.

[status] Resolved: This incident has been resolved.

[status] Monitoring: All webhooks have been successfully resent and this incident has been resolved. Please contact support if you have any questions or issues.

[status] Monitoring: There have been some merchant-defined webhooks that have failed due to the expired certificate being returned in the CA bundle from those merchant-controlled servers. We have updated our client code to ignore that …

[status] Monitoring: A fix has been implemented to the CA bundle on the server-side, and we are monitoring the results.

[status] Identified: You may experience problems accessing the Chargify API via a client that does not have updated trusted root certificates. Chargify is in the process of attempting to replace an intermediate certificate which may, …

[status] Identified: An upstream SSL Signing Certificate has expired and we are actively working to redeploy our SSL Certificates to exclude this signing certificate from our bundle. The issue shouldn't affect browsers but will affect …

[status] Investigating: We are currently investigating reports of a potential service interruption with the Chargify API. We apologize for any inconvenience and will post another update as soon as we learn more.

[status] Resolved: Square has since resolved the performance issues as of 17:54 PDT.

[status] Monitoring: Square is currently monitoring a performance issue on their end. If you utilize the Chargify+Square solution, you may experience delays in transactions being reflected or other errors. Their latest update is as fol…

[status] Resolved: The incident has been resolved. Webhooks, emails, subscription processing, and other background jobs are now performing normally.

[status] Monitoring: We are addressing the issue with the stuck background jobs, and are once again processing. Performance will be slightly degraded while these queued jobs are being processed, so you may experience delays. We will co…

[status] Identified: We have paused all background jobs while we investigate an issue with a large number of background jobs pushing resource limits. We apologize for any inconvenience and will post another update as soon as we learn m…

[status] Resolved: This incident has been resolved.

[status] Monitoring: Avalara has addressed the issue as of 16:36 CDT, and Chargify has resumed subscription processing as of 16:40 CDT. We will continue to monitor the issue

[status] Identified: We are continuing to work on a fix for this issue.

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