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6 days ago

no one is too busy, it’s only a matter of priorities


Quoted @AfroVII

The effort to "cancel Cardi" is concerted and being directed by an unseen hand. Someone is really interested in getting her discredited.

Love u Cardi😄😄 https://t.co/JhLdbPXv0u

After stoking the fires of white supremacy and racism your entire presidency, you have the nerve to feign moral superiority before threatening violence? ‘When the looting starts the shooting starts’??? We will vote you out in November. @realdonaldtrump

Quoted @latimes

9 games to fight quarantine boredom. We got you. https://t.co/YL2ivWNHKb https://t.co/9CtC6BhuKY

Intéressant! https://t.co/vpJE7vC4z3

Quoted @dancingastro

Germany just went from drive-in festivals to socially-distanced shows Everyone had to wear masks and stand in circles marked 5 feet apart (via @residentadvisor) https://t.co/sU7OG0KRnR

🤣🤣🤣 a little bit worried https://t.co/Gtt83JGxaN

Quoted @qdbui

29 of NYC's 30 quietest days in the last 3 years have been during the pandemic. It's as if every day sounded like Christmas in New York. Today in Upshot @emilymbadger and I dive deep into the sounds of cities under lockdown. https://t.co/Xp6lY1YW0q

To some extent, we’re suddenly nostalgic for noises that once annoyed us. The countryside’s melody seems to come into the city. We do not miss the noise. We miss our lives. However, what we’ve lost will come back in another way. https://t.co/yeEJUZ4o2N

Excited to announce the City of Lover Concert! We filmed my show in Paris in September and thought it’d be fun to share it with you 😄May 17 at 10p ET on @abcnetwork and available the next day on @hulu and @disneyplus! #TaylorSwiftCityOfLover https://t.co/7B3ky0rO5B

Bell stroke 12 as Wuhan lockdown was officially over on 00:00 8th April. People cheering, lightshow glowing, cars exiting #Wuhan. Congrats on my rising city. Wish it bring you hope, who are still fighting. Dawn is ahead☀ https://t.co/4N1ocwfVZB

People in Rome, Italy, came together to play the Italian anthem at 6 PM from their balconies and patios during the #coronarvirusitalia quarantine. This is what we could hear. Filling our streets with music – this is so awesome. We'll get through this ❤ 🇮🇹 🇮🇹 ❤ @_silviagatta https://t.co/60ouXxdIRq

Quoted @ProfThomasDixon

@elakdawalla Refrain from having children.

Ahahahhaha https://t.co/qdjGhmCYtw

Quoted @FlyerNews

UD students gathered in large crowds on Lowes Street in the South Student Neighborhood Tuesday night in reaction to the news that university housing would close Wednesday for most students due to the spread of the coronavirus. https://t.co/82XL9uCR04

Ce monde est fou😩 Quand les médecins et les experts disent aux gens de ne pas se réunir, ils se rassemblent pour protester https://t.co/xWEF77jBKd

Quoted @NBC10Boston

Democrat Andrew Yang suspended his 2020 bid following an expected poor performance in New Hampshire's primary. https://t.co/IiDj5aoBSO https://t.co/c1wBvklTDM

Thanks God that he’s gone https://t.co/2MXKfV096N

Fear of coronavirus is fueling racist sentiment toward East Asians; I spoke to people who fielded suspicious looks & nasty comments. Derogatory jokes gathered steam online, drawing on age-old racist tropes associating Chinese people w disease & dirty food https://t.co/lncH40qTBx

Lmfao🤣🤣🤣 https://t.co/NPiBpe29yB

6 months ago

The fires in Australia are not just causing devastation locally. A fleet of @NASAEarth satellites are working together to analyze the accumulation of aerosols and smoke, which is causing an unusually large number of fire-induced thunderstorms: https://t.co/9DRkatm0mf https://t.co/MDZex82NbQ

A 19 year old was kidnapped, gangraped, murdered & hanged on a tree. Forget what religion she belonged to, forget what caste she belonged to.. just remember she was a young girl with an entire life of hope and aspirations ahead of her. Hang the culprits publicly. #JusticeForKajal

Quoted @nytimes

The Vagina Museum in London is a first of its kind. More a public health project than a historical tour, it aims to be informative and dismantle taboos for everyone, including male, transgender, and intersex visitors. https://t.co/UElmHQTfRS

It can be very hard to advertise or publicize genitals cuz it’s private at least for me and I’m not interested in others. Extremely open is not always good. https://t.co/FB1yS0AwK3

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