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Chad Pergram covers Congress for FOX News. He's won an Edward R. Murrow Award and the Joan Barone Award for his reporting on Capitol Hill.

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Pelosi’s office says the Spkr/Mnuchin will speak again once more progress is made on coronavirus bill

Colleague Jake Gibson rpts Tony Bobulinski was at FBI’s Washington Field Office today. Was originally slated to come to CapHill to speak w/Senate Gov't Affairs Cmte Chair Johnson

Graham on Judiciary Cmte subpoenas for Twitter's Dorsey/Facebook's Zuckerberg: I think we’re close to getting a voluntary agreement for after the election..Which I think would be a great time to do it,. see how the election went. So we’re looking at November.

From colleague Jason Donner. McConnell on Trump/debate: "I thought the president did well and we’ll see you guys at noon tomorrow."

Gov’t Affairs Cmte Chair Johnson on FBI/Hunter Biden: I’m highly concerned..honestly. We've sent a letter to IG Horowitz to find out..what does the FBI done with what is purported to be Hunter Biden's laptop..There's obviously relevant information on that.. they remain silent

From colleague Caroline McKee. Senate Gov’t Affairs Chair Johnson: I do hope that Mr. Bobulinski comes for committee as early as next week so we can actually gather the information and then make it available to the American public.

Senate out until noon et Saturday. Will resume debate on Barrett nomination

Senate votes to recess until Saturday to consider nomination of Barrett

Senate now voting on McConnell motion to recess the Senate until Saturday to consider the Barrett nomination

Graham on Trump's debate performance: I think the president helped all of us that are running in 2020, and the issue of declaring war on oil and's going to resonate..I think that's going to be one of the big themes in the next 11 days.

Graham on Barrett: I know Democrats are frustrated and I think we will vote on..Barrett..Monday &..she'll get confirmed..we have the votes on the Republican side. And.. in a different time she'd probably get 90 votes. But we are where we are.

WH's Kudlow to colleague Dana Perino on Fox on coronavirus bill: It's going to be very hard to get it done..but we just can't leap the final hurdles on policy disagreements.

Schumer on Barret confirmation process: The Republican majority is on the precipice of making a colossal and historic mistake and damage will be don't have the right to argue consistency when you're doing what you're doing now

Schumer says McConnell rushing to confirm Barrett will leave "a stain on this body and an indelible mark on this Senate majority"

McConnell trolls Schumer on flr: 17 yrs ago, Dems were boasting to newspapers about this brand new campaign to politicize judicial confirmations..well, sooner or later, the shoe is always on the other foot. So I hope our colleague from New York is happy with what he has built.

McConnell trolls Dems for Nuclear Option I which lowered bar to end filibusters for exec branch nominations. Says Dems "broke the rules so that a Democratic President would not have to play by the same rules." McConnell lowered the bar to end filibuster for SCOTUS nominees

McConnell says Dems started "contemporary difficulties" confirming SCOTUS justices in '87. Says Dems are responsible for "escalation" starting with late Dem MA Sen Kennedy who "introduced the country to Robert Bork's America." Says Dems used "insulting, apocalyptic scare tactics"

Meadows says they are at "all hands on deck" to get a coronavirus deal." Says "I don't want to attribute anything to her motives but hopefully we can get a deal, you know, in the next day or so"

From colleague Jason Donner. Senate votes 51-46 to go to exec session to consider Barrett nomination. GOP Sens Collins & Murkowski voted nay. Dem Sens Harris, Jones & Sinema did not vote

3) And after the Senate presumably votes to break the filibuster on Sunday, opponents of an issue are afforded 30 more hours of debate. So if the Senate takes the procedural vote Sunday afternoon, 30 hours will expire on Monday night. That’s when we expect the confirmation vote

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