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The Center for Biological Diversity works through science, law, and creative media to secure a future for wildlife and wild places.

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The story behind yesterday’s order protecting western snowy plovers from vehicles at Oceano Dunes by the man who documented the shorebirds’s comeback, @CenterForBioDiv’s Jeff Miller.

BREAKING: We just sued the Trump administration for public records on how federal agencies are using President Trump's order to waive environmental laws for fossil fuel projects.

"Entanglements and ship strikes are pushing these amazing animals to the brink of extinction. The United States and Canada must do more to protect whales from speeding ships and slow, painful deaths in fishing gear." - Kristen Monsell, @centerforbiodiv

Oceano Dunes to remain closed to vehicles until October. This is good news for endangered species and local residents effected by noise and dust.

"The state is abdicating its responsibility to save these imperiled animals and some of California's most spectacular redwoods." — Peter Galvin, @centerforbiodiv co-founder, on our plans to sue the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

Adorable river otters have been slowly returning to South Dakota after populations were decimated by trapping and habitat loss. Despite only 40 sightings last year, the state has proposed a trapping season this winter. Help stop this heartless proposal:

Talk about a tweet going viral. This new variant on a traditional bird song spread across Canada among white-throated sparrows — and researchers still don't know why the birds found it so catchy. More at:

Everything you didn't know you needed to know about coral reproduction and how scientists are hoping to stem the tide of environmental loss.

We're fighting to get the Pascagoula map turtles listed under the Endangered Species Act. These turtles survived the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs, and now they may not survive us unless they get the protections needed. #SavingLifeOnEarth

The 9th Circuit just upheld a 2018 federal ruling that the Trump administration violated the Endangered Species Act in stripping protections from Yellowstone's grizzly bears. The grizzlies will be spared from planned trophy hunts in Wyoming and Idaho.

BREAKING: Appeals Court just ruled that USFWS' removal of Yellowstone grizzly bear from #EndangeredSpeciesAct was illegal. Suit was brought by @CenterForBioDiv and a large coalition of tribes and enviro groups. Check out this amazing list of coplaintiffs.

BREAKING: Appeals Court just ruled that USFWS' removal of Yellowstone grizzly bear from #EndangeredSpeciesAct was illegal. Suit was brought by @CenterForBioDiv and a large coalition of tribes and enviro groups. Check out this amazing list of coplaintiffs.

The House passed a bill to provide real relief to millions of people suffering from the public health and economic crises. The Senate went home for vacation. Take action and tell your Senator to #DoYourJob and pass the #HEROESActNow:

At least 30,000 workers — mostly Black, Latinx and immigrant — in meat processing plants have contracted COVID. More than 100 have died. We're demanding @USDA to do its job and provide environmental oversight and information essential to public health.

Forcing workers to continue working without protective measures and in small spaces has led to 32,000+ #COVID19 cases reported at #meatpackingplants. We stand with workers in demanding a safer + healthy work environment, PPE and other protective measures

"Kudos to the Coastal Commission for stepping in to protect snowy plovers at Oceano Dunes and keep critical beach nesting areas closed to vehicles." - Jeff Miller, @centerforbiodiv #SavingLifeOnEarth

"It's outrageous that fossil fuel utilities like Salt River are using anticompetitive tactics to strangle rooftop solar and protect their profits." - Jean Su, @centerforbiodiv

"the lack of compliance from this administration is just so stark, and the violations so clear cut, that courts have no choice but to rule in favor of opponents,” said @CenterForBioDiv attorney Jared Margolis. #KeepItInTheGround #ProtectPeopleNotPolluters

Is it getting crowded in here? The extinction crisis, habitat loss and climate change have something in common — human population growth and overconsumption. Tune in tomorrow for more from the Center's Kelly Dennings and Sarah Baillie: #SavingLifeOnEarth

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