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In the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean are more than 1,000 islands that make up Maldives -- and tourists can use seaplanes to travel between them:

A ninja museum in central Japan had some stealthy visitors this past week -- thieves who broke in and stole more than a million yen ($9,470) in the middle of the night.

Tower Bridge, one of London's most famous landmarks, was stuck open Saturday afternoon due to "mechanical failure," causing traffic chaos in the city.

.@CNNTravel: Travelers exploring the city’s buzzy local food scene may have missed out on one special dish: rojak – aka the Singapore salad.

.@CNNTravel: Great news for Japan-based muggles in need of a bit more magic in their lives – a new 30,000-square-meter Harry Potter attraction is coming to Tokyo.

Singaporeans have an intense, almost obsessive adoration for rojak. Meaning "mixed" in Malay, this traditional salad of fruits and vegetables is commonly found in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. And now, chefs are reinventing it.

Costa Rica is joining the small list of countries opening to tourism from the United States — but with some serious caveats. As of September 1, travelers from just six northeastern US states will be permitted to enter.

.@CNNTravel: Bali authorities hope to reopen the Indonesian island to international tourism next month. But before travelers can return in significant numbers, a tricky game of health diplomacy awaits.

.@CNNTravel: One of Tokyo’s most popular districts has added some unusual new attractions: transparent public toilets. Designed by Shigeru Ban Architects, a Pritzker Prize-winning firm, the two new sets of toilets have been installed in two Shibuya parks.

.@CNNTravel: Floods in southern China have caused water from the Yangtze River to reach the toes of a famous gigantic statue of the Buddha – reportedly for the first time in decades.

.@CNNTravel: The controversy over the clip, and the reaction it provoked within certain Asian communities, speaks to a broader, long-standing debate about the intersection of food, ethnicity and culture. @jessieyeung8 explains.

.@CNNTravel: A seemingly unexceptional cheap street food found throughout the city, these snacks – called “gai daan jai” in Cantonese – are crispy on the outside with “bubbles” that are fluffy on the inside.

Painting an aircraft is more complicated than you might think - here's how new designs and special liveries go from the drawing board to the skies:

4 months ago

Fifteen recently released Española tortoises are settling back in their natural habitat after they spent decades in a breeding program to save their species

4 months ago

From Germany to Coney Island, here's a history lesson on the hot dog

.@CNNTravel: Sixty eager “travelers” showed up to Taipei Songshan Airport on Thursday, boarding passes in hand, to take a rather unusual trip. Their destination? Nowhere.

The Mona Lisa, normally mobbed by people, can now be viewed by visitors following a one-way route and observing social distancing.

A glacier in Italy is turning pink because of algae — a development that will make the ice melt faster, a scientist studying the phenomenon says

.@CNNTravel: In recent years, Thailand has become a leading destination for addicts from all over the world. Some undergo radical detoxes while others choose to head to a luxury rehab in the country’s jungle-clad northern mountains.

.@CNNTravel: Researchers have found the first confirmed underwater Aboriginal archaeological sites off the coast of Australia, and predict that there are many more to be discovered.

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