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Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni wins a sixth term after a campaign period marred with deadly violence and accusations of vote rigging

Establishing a 'cold chain' will be essential to coronavirus vaccine distribution in off-grid parts of the African continent -- and solar power could provide the solution

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After making production deals with the likes of Netflix and Sony, @MoAbudu says international studios are hungry for African content, but it takes hard work to get a deal.  See her full interview on African Voices Changemakers this weekend.

Human rights groups are worried about Uganda's slide towards authoritarianism under President Yoweri Museveni. Some say that the US is complicit in helping to prop up his 35-year rule

"The military has jumped over the fence and has now taken control of our home" Ugandan opposition presidential candidate Bobi Wine says his home is "under siege" from military

From a refinery in Nigeria to Kenya’s Standard Gauge Railway, and a container terminal in Namibia, see the infrastructures being developed to boost economies and increase trade opportunities across Africa

How innovation is lifting South Africa's townships South African townships are well-known hubs of economic activity in the informal sector. @EleniGiokos takes a look at how this engine of sub-Saharan African economies harbors innovation and entrepreneurship

At least five women were killed in border attacks by Ethiopian government-backed militias, Sudan says

Many polling stations in Uganda were forced to use manual voting and checks after the biometric machines failed to register ballots due to the internet shutdown ordered by the government

Esports, the fast-growing, major money-making world of competitive video gaming is on the rise in Africa Meet two Kenyan gamers, 'Queen Arrow' and 'Beast,' who are growing esports in their country and beyond

The African Union has secured an additional 270 million Covid vaccine doses for African countries. At least 50 million doses will be available from April to June 2021, the AU said

These kid innovators are building Nigeria's future with big ideas With a hands-on, intuitive approach to learning, the @STEM_Cafe in Lagos is a space dedicated solely to kids and their imaginations

LGBT people in Uganda face widespread persecution, but President @KagutaMuseveni is unapologetic. "We think they are deviants," he tells me. "They are not killed… but we don’t promote them. We don’t promote and flaunt homosexuality as if it is an alternative way of life."

President @KagutaMuseveni of Uganda is running for a sixth term in an election that has been marred by violence and brutal crackdowns by security officials. Will he accept the results if he loses this week? “Of course,” he tells me, “because Uganda is not my house.”

Ugandan presidential candidate @HEBobiwine has proposed the Intl Criminal Court investigate President @KagutaMuseveni & top officials for human rights abuses. Museveni tells me he would hand over any evidence of abuses – “there’s nothing to hide… [but] we don’t need lectures.”

In November 54 people were killed amid protests after Ugandan presidential hopeful Bobi Wine was arrested. President @KagutaMuseveni claims “32 of the 54 were rioters attacking security forces.” And the other 22? They “died through circumstances which we are still investigating.”

The World Health Organization has warned that social distancing measures will need to stay in place "for the rest of this year," even as vaccination rollouts get underway globally because it takes time to build up herd immunity.

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